Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Malibu Christmas!

Joe and I finally bought a new car!! Merry Christmas to us!! We've been wanting a new car for so long, but never got around to actually going to a car lot. Joe has been researching cars online and driving by dealerships for the past 2 months; yet nothing ever came of it. Well our friends, Dan & Elizabeth went and purchased a freakin' nice Subaru last week and we got to ride in it this last Tuesday. It was awesome!! Its such a nice car - you can go to her blog - she's got a picture. It had so many buttons and cool features. I had to push every button - literally!!! It annoyed AND distracted her! Anyway, seeing how nice a new car is and how smooth the ride was, got me thinking. And since Joe and I both had today off, we decided to go looking....and we purchased!!! A brand new 2009 Chevy Malibu!! Here's a picture: Ours is called Imperial Blue. Its like a metallic navy blue and it looks black in some light. Its just gorgeous! Neither Joe or I have ever had a new car, so its been very exciting. We have loved our "certified pre-owned" vehicles, but this is MUCH better!!

I am not the cleanest of people, when it comes to my car. (Ask Andee or Kalie - they constantly make fun of me. I'm sorry, my car is my second home. And sense there aren't any shelves or closets, my floor gets a little cluttered.) Now that I have a new, CLEAN car I have promised Joe to keep it looking spotless. Okay, not spotless, but semi-clean. Now eating aloud and I'm going to keep a garbage bag in there at all times. Other than that, I'm sure Joe will take care of washing the car. He's more OCD about that than I am...and since its a dark color, it will need to be washed frequently. So here it is Joe - in writing...sort of... - I'm vowing to take care of this car. No crumbs or garbage. Now makeup messes or clutter. Let's see how well I do! :)

Anyway - just wanted to share the news. We are so excited and thankful to Dan & Elizabeth for kicking off this motivation. Yeah for NEW CARS!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Oh the places you'll go..."

Alright, so lets talk about the "Tetter-totter Salon" game. Its the funnest game and all the rage!! Unfortunately you don't win any prizes, but your income decreases, increases, decreases and then increases you get to confuse everyone you know! You get to meet new people and say goodbye to others and you get to enter each situation, like time was never lost! Its amazing. Now, I'm sure you are asking yourself, "where do I sign up to play this fun game?" Well the answer there is - you can't...this game is MY LIFE!!!

So starting from the beginning, you all know I switched salons back in July. Trying something new and possibly a better opportunity. Well you may not know...because believe it or not, I didn't blog about it...I moved back to my old salon in West Jordan. I switched back at the beginning on November. As awesome as the new salon in Riverton was, I just wasn't making money. They were good weeks and bad weeks, but the "cons" from that salon made life difficult and caused issues at home. Well, I thought long and hard and decided West Jordan was the moneymaker choice and I headed back. My WJ co-worker, who I love, Aaron is now managing that store and he is great to work for. Its been nice being back - I'm working in my old station and with some of the same people. Its like I'm part of a Twilight Zone episode...its like I never left. Kinda strange.

Alright, now fast forward 4 weeks and that'll bring us to December 3rd. Out of no where my area supervisor called to inform me that my manager at Riverton had put in her 2 weeks notice and she wanted me to apply for the position. No interview necessary, just saying yes got me the job; now I start training for management on January 2nd!! YES, I'm going BACK to RIVERTON!!! See where the Teeter-totter game comes in! My clients are so freakin' confused! Every time I see one, I let them know I'm headed back to Riverton and they just laugh. Most of them are cool with it, because its a promotion and they're happy for me...but some are still torn. I lost a lot of my clients when I moved in the first place and since coming back to West Jordan, I've gotten a few back. Now some realize how silly it was for them not to follow me - they've had some bad cuts/colors since I've been gone - and now they actually want to come with me this time. Others are still not convinced. I guess its just too far. We'll see how things go!

But YEAH ME!! I'm going to be managing a salon! I'm pumped! I'll still be doing hair, but I will now have other responsibilities. Hiring/firing - eek, training, ordering, scheduling etc... I even have to "recruit." Its going to beauty schools and putting on an hour presentation about our salons. Its so scary to think of me doing that in front of strangers, but I know it works. That's how I got signed on to work for this chain in the first place. They did a presentation on my last day of school! It was fate!!!

Anyway, sorry this blog is crazy and all over the place. But I just wanted to inform you all that I'm headed back to Riverton...I'm sure some of you didn't know I left in the first place!! hee hee

Thanks for stickin' with me!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our new addition!

Welcome SIMON!!

We're suckers! Even with Edison's passing, I still find myself addicted to dogs! Knowing that I may have to go through the same thing with Lucas one day, I still couldn't fight the urge to get another one! I've heard from a lot of people that its very common to acquire another pet, shortly after losing one. It definitely makes coping easier! It completely takes your mind off of it, actually! Joe is doing well with the grieving. Simon really takes all of our energy right now. Running after him and jumping when he squats is our only focus it seems!

After only 2 short days I "casually" started looking for puppies via To my surprise there were thousands of dogs listed!!! More were added every minute. I found this cute little guy, the last of his liter, on my first search. Something just kept bringing me back to his picture! He's exactly what I wanted. He's a miniature dachshund, just like my Lucas. However his coloring is different. He's black with "dapple" markings and brown paws. (I didn't know what dapple meant until after I bought him.) It wasn't really the deciding factor! ;)

So here Joe and I are...puppy parents again. We haven't had a puppy for almost 3 years and we've forgotten how complex they are. Chewing EVERYTHING, potty training, whining and that constant need for attention. Guess we weren't really prepared! But you forget all that once you see him. I think he weighs about 2 pounds right now. I've posted a picture with our Lucas (weighing in at around 15 lbs) you can really tell the size difference.

On the right, is a good picture of his coloring. The breeder says these spots will get lighter as he grows. I'm hoping most of the black stays, but who cares!! He's adorable!

I guess we're just dog people. We love them!! Even through the sad times! I can't wait for you all to meet him. He'll melt your heart!

P.S. - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for your loving words of support. Edison was a joy in our lives and having us in your thoughts, means so much. I'm so glad you all stop by my blog, even in its silliness. You guys are fantastic and really put a smile on my face! (My wonderful aunts, Sharon and Lori - thank you for commenting. Its wonderful to hear from you and I appreciate your kinds words - much love) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was just notified that Nelda Jensen passed away this week. She was the previous owner of our home and the reason for our house title "Villa de Nelda." Here is a link to her obituary. Our condolences go out to her entire family. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

You can also read more about Nelda and our new home from a previous blog I wrote back in August, titled "Villa de Nelda." I was lucky enough to get a comment from Nelda's grandson Mike Parker, who shard the sad news.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


We had an emotional Saturday at the "Blackstroms." Joe and I finally decided to put Edison down. His health hadn't improved - in fact it seemed to get worse. But we finally set up an appointment, last minute, this afternoon. Unfortunately I had to work, but Joe asked his friend Geoff to tag along for support.

Oh my gosh, I can't stop crying about it. Its just so sad!! I asked Andee to snap a few pictures before Joe took him in. (She has the better camera!!) And she got some amazing photos. This one is my favorite:

She snapped quite a few and there isn't a bad picture. Even the ones, where our other dog Lucas, felt like jumping in. He was feel a little excluded apparently!

We're doing okay though, just sad feelings going around. Andee & Kelly said their goodbyes and I guess Andee was crying pretty hard...I'm glad I wasn't there, because that would have made it worse. Then Joe took Ed in at 3:00. Our vet was amazing and gave him a sedative pill before hand to relax him. Joe got to hold him the entire time. They gave him several minutes of alone time with Edison. (Joe even snapped a few pictures with his phone.) Then the vet came in and gave the final shot. Edison died right in Joe's arms.

Joe paid a little extra to get a "paw print" pressed on paper. They'll put it together for us and mail it later. But at least we have a few things left to remind us of Ed. Pictures, his blanket, that silly orange sweater I made him wear, and the paw print. Its amazing how much he affected our lives and how empty we are feeling at this moment. I'm sure we'll move on and start feeling more positive soon. I just had to get the story out. Thank you for all your well wishing and kind words. Ed was part of our family and we'll miss him forever.
We know he is at peace and running around, cough-free, all over doggie heaven.

Wow, I really can't believe how much this little guy is affecting me. How could I even go through this again? I think I might be too attached to my dogs. Their my kids though!!

Too anyone who has lost a pet - I can now sympathize. This is too hard.

Edison smiling!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

5th pic - 5th folder

Tag - I'm it...thanks Andee. Okay here is my 5th picture in the 5th folder on my computer.

Obviously, this is my Lucas. This was taken the first day we brought him home. He was 10 weeks old and with all the fun stuff we bought for him, this was his favorite. Of course we underestimated (or overestimated rather) his size, so I purchased a very large bone. He was too small to do anything, other than hold it in his mouth! I took this picture, lying on the ground, hoping to get a good shot...and this is what I got!!

Now its my turn to tag my 5 victims...

Manda T

Let's see the pictures ladies!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New kitchen for her...maybe new kitchen for me!

If you read my last post, you would know that my stepmom Nancy blew up her oven on turkey day. Now, with a broken over, her and my dad went shopping for a new one on Black Friday...hoping to catch a deal. Well not only did they purchase a new stainless steal oven, they also purchased a matching fridge and dishwasher!! Nancy is getting a whole new kitchen for Christmas! Nancy showed me pictures of the new appliances and we've now noticed everything will be stainless steal but she'll still have a white microwave above her stove...guess that'll have to be replaced as well!!

And since she will be getting rid of her current fridge and dishwasher, Joe and I have put an offer on them. We haven't negotiated a price just yet..(we're not even sure her fridge will fit down our stairs!!!) but Joe and I have the need for an upgrade. For those who don't know, our fridge is ancient!! It came with the house and I'm sure the old lady who lived here before got it as a wedding gift or something, because it's from like the 1950's. Even our stove is old!! But they work, so we've never complained. Even though I've liked the "Retro" feel of our house and the appliances, Joe and I want to re-do our kitchen and a new fridge/dishwasher would be very helpful. We currently don't have a dishwasher!?!?
This is our stove. No one we know is getting rid of one, so we're keeping it for now. :) Only three burners...its awesome.

And our lovely fridge. Our freezer is TINY and can't even fit a bag of ice in it. Oh I can't wait for the bigger one! We can finally go BIG grocery shopping!

Once Nancy gets her new appliances we'll talk pricing. Apparently we love hand-me-downs!! We pay for them of course, but thanks to Dad & Nancy constantly upgrading their home, we've really profited from it. We have their old entertainment center, which fits Joes big screen TV so nicely and over the weekend we picked up their old sound system. Dad just bought a Blue-ray DVD theater in a box! I guess we'll take what we can get. My parents always upgrade before their current objects break, so they're always in good condition. And since we don't care that we have "used" things in our home, what a gain it is for us!! Thanks Dad and Nancy, for constantly making your house better and up to the latest technology! Your kids love the cheap ticket prices you put up. They can't be beat!!!

So yeah for us!! Nancy will get a new kitchen and hopefully, if the price is right, so will we!! Now all we need to do is take out the cabinets and put in new ones. Hey Dad, are you in the mood to completely remodel your kitchen? We'll talk!! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hail to the turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope this holiday finds you all well and celebrating with loved ones. Joe and I have been celebrating with his dad and mine. We started the day in Magna with his parents, to watch the parade and eat a yummy homemade breakfast. Thanks Bill & Sharon for having us over.

Now we are over at my dad & Nancy's anxiously awaiting the delicious feast. Joe and I missed the fireworks this morning; apparently Nancy's oven caught fire and she had to move all the food prep to her moms for cooking. There was no severe damage to the house and no one was hurt. But dinner @ 3:00 has been pushed back. Its 5 now and I think we'll be eating soon. Not even a fire could keep us from this hefty feast! Nancy and Grandma Shirley are amazing and even with a fire, will still create the best thanksgiving dinner anyone has ever enjoyed. These are tough ladies and I appreciate their dedication.

This has been a low key holiday for us. The rest of my family is out of town camping. I love you Kalie, Andee & Mom!! I miss you guys and your families and I'm sad we are apart this holiday. At least we'll have Christmas together! Be safe and have a good one!!

Love to all!!!! Have a wonderful holiday and remember to give thanks. Appreciate the people around you and the things you normally take for granted. With the way the economy is right now, it has only helped increase my appreciation the life, both Joe and I, lead. We are very fortunate and I will continue to stay positive and grateful.

Be safe everyone and happy turkey day!!!

Love, Erica (and Joe)

Monday, November 24, 2008

My voice

Andee, Kalie and Elizabeth have all posted about Twilight. Its been 4 days since we went to the opening night showing and I couldn't decided whether or not I was going to dedicate an entire blog entry to this movie. Most of you have read the other girls reviews and mine falls somewhere in between. So, I'm not going to waste time writing about it.

I'm just going to say it was worth seeing once...(not twice...sorry Andee, it sucked) I'm sure if they continue to make movies based on the book, I'll go see them as well. But I doubt I'll own it and I doubt I'll read up on movies "in the works." It was a silly adaptation...however I did enjoy parts of it.

See it least once, just so you can see what the hype was about. But be careful who you bring it up in conversation with. I have now learned that I can't express my opinion with clients at work. It has become similar to politics. A no-no in my profession. People get heated...either way. Whether they hate it vs. like it...or Edward fan vs. Jacob. It can be a blood bath.

2 1/2 stars from me. If my voice matters.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We didn't have to say goodbye!

So yesterday was Edison's dreadful Vet appointment. First off, he's still with us. Thankfully we were able to bring him home. When we got to the vet, we had to enter through the back door and go straight into an examining room; apparently they take no risks with Kennel Cough and they don't want to expose any other animals in the waiting room. Anyway, the Vet examined Edison and listened to his breathing. After not hearing any Kennel Cough-like symptoms in his lungs, they decided to take an x-ray of his lungs and heart. Long story short, but 2 x-rays, a blood test and inhaler experiments later, we found out that Edison no longer has Kennel Cough and isn't contagious - thank heavens!! However since he was coughing for so long, his respiratory system is shot. The "filters" in his breathing canal are broken and are not filtering the air or the mucus he is trying to cough up. So we've got more meds that will help repair the damage and suppress his cough so it won't get worse.

The Vet says it isn't serious enough to put him down. So we're trying a research medication for suppressing his cough. (The Vet gave us that medicine for free...gee thanks...after already spending nearly $200 in just that visit, I appreciate that free $15 drug!?!?!) Anyway things are looking good for Edison. The Vet says there is hope and that's all I needed to hear!!

It was an emotional day. Both Joe and I had prepared ourselves for the worst. And once we got there and found out that he isn't serious enough to be put down, I started bawling... uncontrollably!! Its so hard to prepare yourself for something and then find out that it isn't going to happen any time soon. Its a good thing, of course, but I was an emotional wreck.

An interesting note, for those who care enough to still be reading this, in the x-rays, we found a BB-bullet in his muscle tissue on his right side. That's right a BB. Somewhere, somehow Edison was shot with a BB gun. It's long since been healed, so I'm sure it was 10 or so years ago...but it was interesting to find out. With all that's going on, he is living with a bullet in his rib muscle. Go figure.

But thank you to everyone for you kind words. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and your prayers. Edison is like a child to us and it's been an emotional roller coaster. I was amazed by all the response. You guys are all so kind and made me feel great. Its wonderful to have all that support! THANK YOU!!!

Here's hoping Edison lives another year!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Edison

My heart is so heavy today. Our poor Edison is still sick. Although the rest of us have gotten over the bug that was plaguing our house, Ed has not yet recovered. We are taking him in the the Vet this Friday. They advised us to bring him back if the meds weren't enough. The Vet also warned us, that with his age, he might not recover and we'll have to "put him down." So that's what we're going to do. Take him back to the Vet, to see if there are any signs of hope.

Edison has been so sick, it just makes me hurt. When he coughs, his whole body quivers and you just know he is in so much pain. He coughs, all day, everyday and its been going on for almost 3 weeks. I feel bad that we've let him go this long. But Edison is very old; almost 18 human years and he just doesn't have the strength nor the immune system to get better.

We aren't sure how Edison got Kennel Cough, but it is ultimately taking his life. He was Joe's childhood dog, so naturally, Joe is having a tough time. I've been snapping photos of Ed, so we'll have a few for memories. He may not have to be "put down" just yet but unfortunately the odds are against him. He is in pain and we don't want him to suffer anymore.

Its going to be tough this weekend. Our appt is after work Friday at 5:00, so Joe will have the weekend to recover. Wish us luck and say a prayer for our little guy. We can only hope for the best.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anyone else?

I swear there is something going around. Or maybe we are just passing it amongst ourselves. But our poor Chihuahua is sick with Kennel Cough; has been for the past week. Its just sad to hear him cough! He's on 3 different medications, now he seems to be getting worse...back to the vet we go.

Joe said Sunday he's feeling sick. Kinda cold-like symptoms. He's groggy & congested all the time, but is working 12hr days all week long. He went to bed real early tonight, hopefully he won't get much worse.

And now Lucas, my wiener dog, is starting to show signs of something. Real lethargic, no appetite and gross pus coming out of one of his eyes. I'm thinking it could be allergies in his case, but I'm not vet.

What the H? I guess it'll come my way as well...I just have to wait for the inevitable.

Andee and Kelly recently had something similar going on. Rosie, the new dog, was sick, then Kittie got sick, then Kelly and then Andee. But they've been back to full health for almost a week now.

I'm pulling out the hand-sanitizer and popping some vitamin-C. I'm not getting sick! I refuse!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I guess its my turn now.

4 random things about my husband
1. Joe has major ADD
2. He is constantly worrying about me
3. He enjoys watching chick flicks with me - but won't admit it
4. He IS the most random person I know

4 movies I could watch more than once
1. The American President
2. Juno
3. Adventures In Babysitting
4. The Secret Garden

4 TV shows I watch
1. Heroes
2. Fringe
3. Dancing with thr Stars
4. America's Next Top Model

4 places I've been
2. Mexico
3. Idaho
4. Florida

4 people who email me regularly
1. Kalie
2. Andee
3. John Saul fan site
4. Borders

4 places I would like to visit
1. New York
2. London
3. Venice
4. Prague

4 things I am looking forward to this year
1. Nov 4th - can't wait for the election to be over!!
2. Thanksgiving
3. Desert Star Christmas Play
4. Christmas

4 people to tag
1. Elizabeth
2. Amanda Turko
3. Charise
4. Chandra

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Bunco

Our family has created our own Bunco group. We have a party every other month and we each take turns hosting it. This month was my brother Carl's turn. Of course with it being October, they wanted to make it a Halloween theme - complete with costumes. Not only were there Bunco prizes (as always) but there was a special prize for best costume. We had a fun night with our family and of course we all walked away winners...except for my brother Chad. He's always a loser! :) Here are some photo's of all the costumes.

Andee & Kelly's costume...a little R-rated, but they were a ball sack
Kalie & Jesse were gansters!
Chad & Amanda were a gangster with his flapper
My mom & Kelly were Fred & Wilma - complete with bowling ball!!
Carl & Amanda were Lil' Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf
And we were the Farmer & his Wife. Joe made the frame and I made the apron. We had everything else! Look at the comparison. I think we did pretty good!!

We had such a great time and Carl & Amanda were wonderful hosts. We had bread bowls, halloween pasta salad and Monkey brains for dessert. It was a lot of fun! Plus Joe and I WON BEST COSTUME!! I mainly think it was because of Joe's dedication. He shaved his head just for this party. What a great receeding hairline! Thanks for the trophy guys, its up on our entertainment center for all to see! We had a great time!!!

And here is us...with our trophy!!

10-19-05 -- Happy 3 years!!

Today Joe and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for 3 years already. We had a weekend planned to celebrate, but decided to spend our money elsewhere. Joe needed new tires for his car and I needed a new phone...okay I didn't NEED a new phone, I just wanted one. Those were the gifts we decided to get each other. So cheers to 4 new tires on the Nova for Joe and a Treo 800 for Erica! What great gifts and they're much better than a $200/night room & a $100 dinner. We more materialistic people I guess. I'd rather have a phone that works than a bed & breakfast stay where we'll sleep...most of the time and Joe would rather have safe tires on his precious "Destiny" than a 18oz steak that will probably make him sick the next day. That's us!! :)

Actually Joe and I have been together for 7 years today. We share our wedding anniversary with our very first date! He asked me to hang out with his friends and I timidly said yes, 7 years ago!! He took me to a yuppy-pizza place downtown called Stoneground. I got to meet "The Gang." (where I was the only girl about an awkward first date) It was kind of like meeting his parents for the first time. We were young and his friends opinion of me was something I cared about. Apparently I made a good impression because 3 weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend! Yeah me! And the rest is history.

We had a good weekend, last night we went out to dinner with our roommates, Andee & Kelly. We went to our FAVORITE restaurant Bonsai and had steak, chicken and sushi! Nothing compares to Bonsai food! Then we came home and sat around a fire in our backyard and laughed our way into exhaustion.

Bonsai helped us celebrate with ice cream and this "take-home-photo" of our group

Now today, being our actual anniversary, I've probably spent about 30 minutes with Joe. Him and Kelly have been chopping down a tree ALL day...Andee is going to blog about that later. And now here I am; online ordering pizza and blogging. Ahhh the bliss of love and celebrating our commitment to each other. I guess we celebrate in our own ordinary way!

Well I'm off to get pizza! Happy Anniversary Joe! I'm so happy we found each other so long ago. We've been through a lot together and I can't wait for all the adventures we still have to come. You are a wonderful husband and the best friend I could ever ask for. You are constantly making me laugh and help me enjoy the most out of life. I know it sounds cliche, but you really do make me a better person. You keep me sane - anyone who can do that, must be a godsend. I love you truly and deeply. Happy 3 years!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay for Scentsy!!

First off, I love Elizabeth, my new Scentsy Consultant!! Scentsy is my favorite home-aroma-smelly-good stuff ever! I just placed an order on her oh-so-easy website (which is: by the way) I'm so excited because I haven't ordered since before the summer, so there are plenty of new scents for me to try. I picked some Autumn/Wintery smells to get me excited for the upcoming holiday season.

It just always makes me feel so good, to walk in to a room full of sweet aroma. It makes me feel clean, calm and happy. I have loved Scentsy for over a year, thanks to my mom for introducing it to my life. And now that my best buddy Elizabeth sells it; it just makes it that much more exciting!!

I'm encouraging everyone to buy some for this fall season. Before you know it, its going to be Christmas time. The leaves are almost gone and I still want to enjoy this time of year before its over and snow is here!! With my new scents - I can do that!!! Of course I want you to buy from my friend Elizabeth (see site above) but even if you don't, got to just to check out their products. Its a wickless candle - no soot, flame or smoke. ITS WONDERFUL!! They have car fresher, plug-ins and sprays - so much to choose from! (And if you do order, I have a personal list of the scents I've tried and want to try, so if you need advice - just ask!!)

Okay, this is my shout out to Elizabeth! Congrats on the new job that you are bringing into my life. It makes things so much easier and pleasant for me! THANK YOU, you are wonderful!! I just placed a big order today and I think my mom is placing one too! I can't wait for that package in the mail!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, the Weezer concert has come and gone...and I was not there to see it. It's my own fault for not buying a ticket. Since Joe doesn't like them, I knew I would have had to find someone to go with. I'm sure I could've bribed somebody to be my date but to save the hassle, I just didn't purchase tickets. BUMMER!!!

If you read my blog a few weeks ago, you would know that Joe's buddy had an extra ticket. (Meant for his wife - who also doesn't like the band) He told me that if his wife decided not to go, I would get dibs. He called me Monday, just to make sure I'd be available... I guess at the last minute she decied to go, because I didn't get a phone call Tuesday night.

Guess I'll just have to make sure I purchase tickets next time.

It wasn't so Chris, it wasn't so.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank you stranger!

Yesterday, Sunday the 21st, I got a flat tire driving to work! Not a blow out or anything, just a nail caught in the tire. Not my first experience with a flat, (2nd time in the last 3 months actually) and I think I handled it just fine.

I was about to enter the freeway on the on-ramp by my house, when I noticed a "flopping" sound. Before I drove up the on-ramp, I pulled over to check the tires. Sure enough, my rear-passenger tire was almost flat. I called Joe and he told me to get off at the next exit and head to a gas station to pump some air in the tire. So naturally, following my husbands advice, I jumped back in the car and headed onto the freeway.

Not even a 1/8 of mile more, the flopping got louder! Got out again and saw it was completely flat. I was still on the phone with Joe and he told me he was on his way to help me change it.

While I was pulled off the freeway, digging in my trunk for the spare/jack/lug-nut wrench, a Good Samaritan driving a Subaru, stopped to assess the situation. He was such a nice guy, helping a damsel in distress. I told him Joe was on his way, but he insisted on starting the process anyway. He got down on his back to put the jack under my car - and by the way, I just HAD to pull off the road next to the biggest, muddy puddle ever!!! - then he proceeded taking off the flat tire.

Of course it was really loud on the freeway, so we didn't talk much. I just stood by in amazement. He finished taking off the flat, before I could comprehend what he was actually doing. Then he threw the spare tire on and had it all tightened before Joe even showed up! This guy was incredible. Fast, experienced and dependable!

Joe got there just as we were shoving the flat into my trunk. He shook my hand and took off before Joe could get out of the car to greet him. I was speechless! Here was my Knight in shining armour - who rode in on Subaru and fixed my problem before I could blink! It was awesome!

I didn't get his name or a proper "thank you" out to him before he was driving away. I then kissed Joe good-bye, said thank you for checking on me and then I headed off to work...only 15 minutes late. (Not an hour!) I am so grateful for this guy. He got dirty, greasy and sweaty all for me. This average "Joe" took time out of his day to assist a helpless hair stylist in her nice work clothes!

Joe has always been my Prince Charming on his white stallion, who rescues me at any sign of distress. But this was a time Joe couldn't get there fast enough and I was lucky enough to have a complete stranger help me out! I will forever be grateful, for such a wonderful person. There should be more people like him in this world. He has completely changed my perspective and the type of people living in Utah. There are some good ones left! I love it!!

Way to go Mr. Green Subaru. You made a skeptical woman, optimistic about her neighbors. Thank you!

So for YOU, who would win? I know who would win for ME!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

They're coming!!

My all-time-favorite-band is coming to SLC in 2 weeks!! I'm begging my friend Chris to take me as his date. Only because he already has 2 tickets (its his all-time-favorite-band as well) and his wife doesn't like them. What a perfect match, because Joe doesn't like them either! Me and Chris were destined to see this concert together....

Now, if only I could get him to see it my way. Come on Chris!! Hook Your Sister up and let's Knock Down Drag Out on down to the E-Center!!! I want me some Pork and Beans!! I'm gonna come Undone if you don't Take Control and let me take a Photograph of Rivers Cuomo!!!

Say It Ain't So Chris...Say It Ain't So.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The "slump" is outta here!

My business if finally picking up, since moving to the new salon. It's been a rough couple of months and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I moved to a newer/slower salon - hoping to take all my clients with me and bring in some business. However 50% of my once faithful clients have deserted me. I'm sure there are a lot of reasons for it, gas prices being one of them. But I was hoping my skills would be worth the extra 5 mintue drive. I do have a few loyal clients that will follow me anywhere and I try to pay extra special attention them!!

I'm pulling myself out of this "slump" that I've been in since the salon-switch. Things are picking up and I have found new clients that have started coming back to me. That's always reassuring. So good-bye old clients and hello new & exciting faces! Plus, this new salon is SO MUCH better than the old place. No drama, flexible hours and a boss that really cares. I couldn't be happier...and now that money is starting to come in, my smile couldn't be bigger.

My thanks really goes out to Joe. For working late nights and some weekends to help pick up my slacking wages. Getting into a house can be quite a struggle financially and he has helped make it possible. I just love him so much. He is so amazingly perfect for me and treats me so well. I know I take him for granted sometimes, especially with my hot-headed temper. But I truly appreciate everything he has done for me and continues to do. And he's put up with my "work slump" and all my anxiety...I couldn't ask for more!

The light is shining through and I'm making money again. (Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself!)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're home!

As most of you know, the move is final. We have our new house!! Its been so great and we are already enjoying the space. I got a call from my step-dad the other day and he asked me what I was doing and I said "just chillin' in the garage." He said, "Wow, sounds like a good place to chill." And I replied with, "I've never had one before and I'm enjoying every minute of it!" So, I'm a dork...what's new?

We've bought a rambler with a finished basement, complete with a kitchenette. Joe and I have taken over the downstairs, while Andee and Kelly dwell in the floor above. So far everything has been great; lots of upgrading and decorating. Andee has already started taking down wallpaper in her kitchen and repainting. I'm not there yet. I want to get settled in a little more and take time deciding what I want to do. I don't want to have to redo it in a year or so, so I hope to make the right choice. I want to repaint our family room, bedroom and kitchen, but they are all covered in old 70's wallpaper and seeing what Andee is going through right now, I'm not sure I'm ready for that task!! I guess we'll see.

We've had a few mishaps since we've owned the house. All happening in one day actually!! First, Kelly was de-weeding the backyard and accidentally dug too far in the ground and broke a sprinkler pipe, flooding the west side of the house. Then, I broke the blinds in our room trying to close the window, to keep the water from pouring into our room. Plus, Joe and I couldn't get our couch into our family room, because the doorway was too narrow, so I had my stepdad Kelly come over and widen it for us. So he basically cut up our walls and there was sheet-rock everywhere! All within 2 hours of each other! Oh the joys of owning a home! We love it though!!!!

Our backyard is amazing. Its so wonderful having a place outside, where we can just hang out and still have privacy. We had a dinky patio in our apartment, but it was next to a walkway that led to a very crowded parking lot, so there was constant foot traffic. NO PRIVACY! Plus our 2 dogs are loving the space to run around. They are both outside dogs now and we've only had a few instances of whining and rashes on Lucas. (He's allergic to pollen and some kinds of grass...actually very common and since his belly is so low to the ground, he rashes very easily. Hives sometimes.) But we got him a medication and have a rash spray that has kept him a happy dog.

Its been an awesome experience and I want to thank our family and friends that helped us pack up and move. Who likes to move boxes up and down stairs? No one, but there were so many people who came to help us out and we are very grateful. You guys are the best!!! THANK YOU!!

We plan on having sort of a house warming party. No gifts necessary, we just want to show everyone the house. Of course we want to wait until we are completely rid of boxes and some of the major projects are done.

I actually love being home now. Before, we were always trying to find a reason to get out; movies, dinner, family events. But now we just enjoying "being" at home. Keeping things cleaned and organized has been our goal since we moved in and I'm noticing I have more motivation to do it! I just wanted everyone to know how happy we are in our new home and so far living with Andee and Kelly has been awesome. We've had a few dinners together and enjoy each others company, but its nice to have our seperate space to be alone. They are great roommates and are doing incredible things to make our house look freaking awesome!

Thanks everyone again for helping us move and for all the support! Yay!!, we are homeowners and the boxes are almost gone!!! Anyone need 245 cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes??? Okay, there wasn't 245, but I'm sure to everyone that helped us move, it seemed like it!!! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

We are closing on the house this week. The exact date has yet to be determined. (Either Thursday or Friday) Whatever the day may be - we are moving this weekend!! I can't believe its finally here. Joe slowly started packing over a week ago...and we are still packing this week!?! I can't believe how much stuff we have. I am literally up to my knees in boxes and there are still more to come.

We've decided to pack EVERYTHING, even clothes and dishes. We are using plastic ware in the kitchen and living out of a suitcase in the bedroom & bathroom. The big moving day is Saturday and I have to work in the morning, so I'm counting on my husband, roommates and my family to move everything for me. Therefore, it all needs to be neat and organized for easy pack-up. We are piling everything up in our front 2 rooms and now we can't even walk through there very well! Plus, we still have this computer and the desk surrounding it to pack up! I think that will be Joe's project this evening, so I may not be blogging or checking my blog until the computer is set up in the new place.

I'm just so worn out; tired of boxing things up and taping everything closed. Its never ending!!! Joe and I will be keeping our apartment until the end of October, so there are some things that don't need to be moved RIGHT away. But if we have the man power and the trucks for hauling, we might as well take advantage of it. I'm just done with it?!? I can't take it anymore...all the stuff left, can we just throw it away, so I don't have to pack it?! Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked for the house and our new living situation. I just wish we were already there, living. This week just needs to be over!?!?

I'm a basket case this week guys. Looking around this room and seeing all the "miscellaneous" things that I need to find a box for, just kills me. Guess we'll see if I can make it through. Wish me luck!

BTW, Andee and Kelly started packing on Friday and were done yesterday. Do-gooders!! Do I really want to move in with people who are "too" organized & motivated. I spit at you! I'm drowning in chaos and they're kickin' back relaxin'. How have you not accumulated as much s*** as we have?!!?

Friday, August 8, 2008

R&B anyone?

I'm falling for R&B!! Holy potato I never listen to R&B, rap, hip-hop...whatever you want to call it. But as of a week ago, I can't get enough!!! Especially because I'm an insomniac that is having too much fun surfing the web at 2:30am and watching stellar dance videos and downloading i-tunes.

I'm liking Chris Brown right now, only because his music makes my hips jiggle a lil' bit!. I guess I'm going through a music-phase. I'm also listening to Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil' Mama, Ciara, Danity Kane. Oh my hell...this is strange.

However I'm embracing this phase. Its so different than what I'm used too and its driving Joe a little crazy. I even downloaded ringtones!?!?!? My i-tunes is now full of music I never cared about before.

So heres to hip-hop and shakin' that ass! I guess if it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood, who really cares if they are singing about sex, dancin', shawty's, boo's, or 'bouncin at da club'. Music is music....right? Holla!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Villa de Nelda"

Here's a story about Roland and Nelda Jensen. A house was built in 1977 and they bought it in 1979. They shared their life together in this happy home. Creating an awesome deck/patio oustide, finishing the basement and even adding a 2nd kitchen downstairs. Unfortunately as years pass and people grow older, Roland passed away, leaving Nelda to live in this 2500 sq ft home by herself. Years continue to pass and she was diagnosed with Dementia. She was moved out of this beautifuly aged home in March 2008, by her daughter Judy and was put in a nursing home to spend the rest of her days. Judy then cleaned up the place and put the house on the market. Fast forward 2 months and you have our current situation.

Joe and I are buying this old-fashioned home with my sister Andee and her husband Kelly.

This process has happend so fast, I can't even believe how busy we have been. We went "house shopping" last wednesday, July 30th, and this home was the 3rd one we saw. (It was quite an experience shopping, let me tell you - but that's a whole other blog!!) We signed a buyer/realtor agreement on Thursday, made an offer on Friday, signed a contract on Saturday, finished the loan application on Monday, had the inspection Tuesday and here it is one week later. We've reached an agreement on price, inspection suggestions and a closing date. Next up is the appraisal - and if everything goes well, we will close on this house, August 28th.

Luckily, this evening, we had the chance to meet Judy (Nelda's daughter). She shared some great memories she had in this home and some her children also share. Its awesome knowing, this wonderful women lead such an amazing life and took such good care of this home. And even in her unfortunate circumstances, she is selling her house of memories, to us.

This house is old and still has some original wall-paper, fire places, counters and light fixutres. Knowing that it was built in the '70s, you can only imagine the "passe" feeling we get walking about this magnificent home. Most of the wall-paper and decor will stay. Only because we want to keep Nelda and her flair alive. I can't wait to post pictures, so you can see what I mean!!

Thank you Nelda for giving us this great gift and choosing us as your homebuyers. We're getting a sign to put above the fireplace that will help us remember your life and be grateful for ours.

"Villa de Nelda"

P.S. Through inspection of this house we found "Roland (heart) Nelda" written in chalk on a wall in a storage closet. Too freakin' cute for words!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

House Hunting

For those who don't know already, I'm making an official announcement. Joe and I are looking for a house! We got pre-approved about 2 weeks ago and the final approval has gone through and today we are taking our first trip out to view some homes.

I'm starting to feel all grown-up! We are looking for our first home together!! This is so exciting. I'm feeling so many emotions today -
major anxiety - for sure. I just know something could go wrong
nervousness - I bit a few of my nails!!!!
excitment - I might want to buy the first house we see
scared - are we really ready for this committment?
tired - apartment living is exhausting
loved - married life is grand and our future is so full!!!

Today is awesome...wish us luck! I hope to still have some nails by the end of today!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 4

Okay, I'm a nail bitter. Not the nervous, anxious or fidgety nail bitter - but a hard core, bite 'em 'til they bleed kind. And I know, its disgusting. Believe it or not it grosses me out when I stop and think about it. But I'm a nonchalant bitter and do it every day. I've been chewing on them for as long as I can remember. Have you ever seen Frodo's nails in LOTR?? Yeah, I'm close to that. Oh my gosh it its nasty.

With my recent goal of "New Things," I have decided to stop...hopefully forever. (oh yeah I have a "New Things" aura about me recently. Its a whole other blog, but I'm surrounding my self with new things and changing things about myself.) So yeah, I'm on Day 4 and going strong. I give myself a manicure everyday...mainly to keep up with my finger fetish, but in a more positive way. Clipped cuticles, filed nails and shiny clear coat. Things are lookin' good!

I actually think I'm going to be obsessed with them now.
They must look pretty!!
I'm hoping by this time next week, I'll actually have nails to file, rather than filing the skin down on top of the nail, to help it grow. Man, I'm so pathetic.

Yeah for pretty nails and healthy cuticles!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sick in June

That's right, its been freakin' 90 degrees outside all week long and I've been in bed sick!! It started Monday night 6/16 and here it is Saturday night 6/21 and I'm still using my humidifier. Luckily I had Monday and Tuesday off of work. Wednesday was my first day back and I could barely talk. My throat was so dry and sore I started losing my voice. Then Thursday came. I was up all night, not able to breathe without pain and I had to be to work by 9am. Joe forced me to go to the doctor. It seems - without fail - that every time I get sick, I "wait" on making a doctors appointment, because I'm a baby and hate the doctor. Then when I finally realize I "need" antibiotics its the weekend and I can't go 'til Monday. Joe hates this. Because he has to listen to me whine all week about being sick and miserable and then its too late to go to the doctor. I would have to go to the emergency room or insta-care which costs more money. Oh the joys of living with me.

Anyway, Joe made me an appointment on Thursday, had to leave work early and everything. Turns out I have Laryngitis. Oh so much fun, a viral infection that antibiotics can't help. The doc told me not to talk - yeah right - and breathe with my nose, not my mouth. The two things I just can't do!!!!! I'm a talkaholic mouth breather. Needless to say, I was out of work half of Thursday and all of Friday. Missing out on one of the busiest days at my salon. Damn virus!!! Who coughed on me???

I went back to work today, thank heavens. Today is my moneymaker day and I couldn't miss it. It turned out to be a good day, money wise. So that made up for my misery the past couple of days. But I have been doing good at breathing through my nose. Its like a whole other world. Lots of smells I've been missing out on! The not-talking thing...yeah not so much. It worked for me Thrusday night and Friday, but hello?!?!? I do hair for a living. I'm pretty much a counselor, confidant and friend first and then hairdresser second. Now I'm home getting ready for bed and my throat is killing me. I've got this ugly, scratchy man voice going on right now. Sooo sexy. Hopefully I will shake this crappy laryngitis bologna by the end of the weekend. We'll see.

I want to give a shout out to my best buddy Chandra. Today is her birthday and her sick, stupid friend Erica forgot to call her. I'm sorry!!! I was so concerned about work today, it completely slipped my mind. Then once I remembered, I was afraid it was too late to call you, so I sent a text. Then you called me back and my phone busted....yeah that's a whole other blog. I promise we'll talk soon - or I'll see you when you come up to SLC again.

Man I hate being sick.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh yeah...

I forgot to mention - I bleached my hair! Its summer time and I've been aching for a change. I might go lighter, but for now, I'm strawberry-blonde and I love it!!! Yeah for changes!! (something else to be excited about!!)

Excitement...or lack thereof.

I haven't blogged in awhile. Not since Andee's wedding day. I guess I feel like nothing in my life can top the excitement of that day. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun. Andee looked beautiful, Kelly was handsome and the day was gorgeous. Beautiful, sunny weather!!! And it was good to see all the familiar faces!! Visiting is what I'm best at!

So lets see, whats going on in my life. Joe finally got his "big screen." For those of you who don't know, Joe and I have been fighting about getting a larger TV, for over a year now. Our fights are pretty funny sometimes, but this one was awful. We just couldn't compromise on anything. Finally, after a night of searching for a new couch, we stumbled across a "killer" deal on a new 50" flat screen. Couldn't pass it up, so we now own a big screen, AND I even bought a new couch/love seat set. We've manipulated our current entertainment center to fit this new TV, so we pretty much have a completely new living room. It's awesome. And for those who have seen it, can agree that it looks much better. Now the fight over electronics is over and we're both happy. Finally a compromise!!!!

I'm also switching salons - its a big deal! I've been unhappy with my current salon and people working in it. No goals, potential to get better or any work ethic whatsoever. So I have put in for a transfer to the new one in Riverton. Still the same chain salon "Smart Style," but now on 134th South and Bangeter Highway. I start there on July 1st. Its a new salon - only been open about 2 months. The manager there is awesome; I've met her and talked with her many times on the phone and couldn't be more pleased. She has so many goals and what seems like A LOT of determination to achieve said goals. Its the exact type of person I want to work for. I'm VERY excited for a change and something different. I've been in Jordan Landing for over 2 years and its time to move on. Plus, this will be a good view of which clients will follow me. So if I were to ever leave the chain all together or start up my own place, I'll know who is the most loyal. It will be a difficult first few months, with the adjusting and trying to let ALL of my clients know, but its going to be worth it. Plus I have the most understanding husband in the world, and he is willing to work overtime to help keep our income stable. Thank you Joe!!

Well, there is some excitement going on in my life...I think. Lots of changes and upgrades! Of course with the new job, our summer "trips" have been cancelled. I just don't know how many days I can afford to take off. Especially since I won't be making a lot of money over the next month-or-so. I know Joe is disappointed about not going to our family cabin-trip to Pine Valley next month. And I've decided not to attend the "Girls Las Vegas" trip in July either. A little sad, but I know we'll make up for it next summer. Sorry family - we won't be with you on the family vacations this year.

However, I know my mom is having a family reunion with her side of the family at the first of August, that we'll be making and I've a wedding (yeah Becca!!) at the end of July to look forward too. Plus Joe and I will be hitting 7 years together (3 married) this fall. We haven't ever done anything "big" for our anniversaries...maybe this year we can plan something really fun.

Who knows what this summer will bring; I'm excited to find out

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today is the day!

Today is the day and the wedding is finally here. I can't believe my baby sister is tying to knot!! Here I sit, with all my hair supplies set up, turned on and organized for any complication that will arise. I can't help but wonder what is going through her mind at this very moment. She is at the nail salon getting her nails filled and toenails painted. I'm sure she is worried about the flowers, cake, guests showing up on time. Will my nephew actually make it down the aisle without screaming or holding up the rest of the line. Or maybe she is thinking about how beautiful she feels in that gorgeous white dress. The dress she will wear when she vows to love, honor and cherish. Is she thinking of her wedding ring. The ring she will wear for the rest of her life, showing her loyalty and committment to everyone she comes across. She might be thinking of Kelly. The man she has chosen to spend the future with...buying a house, having kids and then having grandkids. Is she thinking of the way he looks at her when he realizes he's completely head over heels for her.

I'm sure all of those things are running through her mind. I know they are running through my mind. I'm her older sister, I can't help but worry about her and hope that she makes the right choices in her life. And I believe she is. She is in love and has found her everlasting companion. I couldn't be more happy for her. My baby sister is about to walk down the aisle; to Kelly's favorite song. She's about to say "I do" and vow to love, honor and cherish. She is about to be kissed by her soulmate to complete the moment. She will love and be loved.

I'm overjoyed with happiness today. Today is about Andee and Kelly. Forget the sorrows in my life, the stress at work, the loss of friends. Today is a celebration of love between my sister and my future brother-in-law.

Today is a special day. A toast to Andee and Kelly. Good luck in all you do. Marriage can be tough, but if you are open-minded and willing to cooperate it will be such a wonderful adventure. I love you both and I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

The day has come and gone and I'm saddened to know we need an official day to remember and celebrate the lives of love ones lost. Of course John has been on my mind all weekend. We've been contemplating driving up to the SLC cemetery to pay our respects, but we just can't get ourselves up there. Its hard. Everyone has a different view on visiting grave sites. Some people think its completely morbid, some feel its useless because that person is physically there but not spiritually and some feel drawn to it. I haven't decided which category fits us. It is a little strange visiting a granite stone on the ground when all it really is, is a granite stone on the ground. It is weird to think his body is literally 6 feet under and then its interesting to know that we have a place to go to mourn for our friend.

In John's suicide note, it actually read "To my friends, come visit me often." What does that mean? Does he want us to visit his grave site? Does it mean he wants us to go hiking and think of him while we are enjoying mother nature, as he did every day of his life. Or does it mean he wants us to celebrate his life and think of him when something reminds us of him? I don't know exactly what he meant...he could have meant all three. But what does it mean to us? I know Joe thinks about him everyday. I know Joe still has not deleted his phone number from his cell phone. I know Joe hasn't deleted his "gaming profile" he used every time he played our X-box. I know Joe is still having a hard time with the fact that he is gone.

Tears still seem to overwhelm me even now as I think about Joe's loss. And John's family. To think I haven't spoken to any of them since the funeral. I wonder how they are. How is mother is coping. I pray for her ever day.

Its so odd to think that people die every day. Every second of every day someone has died. There are family's out there who have lost. Loved ones, brothers, sisters, friends. Everyone has lost someone or knows of someone who has. The cemeteries are full of someones family, loved ones or friends. Some where someone is grieving just as much as we are. Why can I not seem to shake this depression. Death surrounds everyone. Why do I feel like its only us? Why can't I take someones condolences seriously? Who knows. All I know is that our grieving stage isn't over and we weren't ready to visit John at his resting place. I don't know if we'll ever make it there. But we do think of him...daily.

***We miss you John and we pray you are happy. Things aren't the same without you, but you are constantly on our mind. We love you dearly.***

Memorial day is over. But I will never stop remembering John and his short life. I will not forget the soldiers who lost their lives defending our country. Or all the many lives lost in China...the children, grandfathers, friends. We need to celebrate and remember them everyday. Not just the last Monday in May.

Today, I'm celebrating you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

25 many more to go!

I am officially 26. My birthday was this past Sunday (4/20) and I celebrated all day with friends and family. First I had breakfast with Chandra and Caper while they were in town. (Thank you again Chandra. It was so great to see you and catch up!) I met up with some of our friends for an afternoon movie. Some of our friends bailed, which is okay, the movie selection wasn't the best. Thank you Elizabeth for sticking through the lame martial arts movie. Then my family took me out to dinner at one of my favorite steak houses and then back to the house for cherry pie!!! It was a cloudy, windy and a little rainy all day, but we did have a few peeks of the sun which was nice.

Since my actual birthday was jam packed with family/friend goodness, Joe took Monday off to spend alone with me. I was spoiled all day!!! Most of you know that Joe and I hardly ever get time together, so this was his birthday present for me. Uninterrupted time. Our phones were off...for most of the day!!!

Here are a few pictures from our day together. We took the dogs for a walk - the weather was GORGEOUS!!!

Then Joe and I got ice cream and went to the Aquarium in Sandy. We had never been there before; it was really neat. Its small, but I guess there is "hope" for making a bigger one downtown.

Then of course Joe and I had an RDM day! (Random Disney Movie day!) He actually won this time. I found The Apple Dumpling Gang - 1975 and he beat me with Darby O'Gill and the Little People - 1959. Dang it!! Plus he found a used copy of Dumbo, which is 1941. I didn't stand a chance!
The day was perfect! Plus we bought lots of sushi and watched the Jazz beat the Rockets in game 2. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration. I feel Optimistic Erica making a comeback!!!
Thank you everyone for making my birthday special. All the texts, call, cards and gifts were very much appreciated. I have the best circle of family and friends. I love you all!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Optimistic...To be or not to be

I feel like there is a huge, dark cloud hovering over me. So many negatives things, unhappy things, death. I'm dealing with a lot of emotion and I have to say it is so hard to try and stay positive. I'm constantly tired and drained of all energy. Even work doesn't make me happy.

I know 9 people who have died in the last 45 days. 9 people!! Some are elderly people we expect, some by their own hand, and some people who fought like crazy but in the end they lost their battle. Not to mention I'm having a huge family issue right now that is taking most of my energy. Its constantly on my mind and I want to just fix it and make it all better. But I can't! There isn't anything I can do. I've tried. Until that person gets through this whole denial crap, there is nothing I can do. Just thinking about how helpless I am, drains more energy.

John was a major loss. Maybe I didn't allow myself time to grieve. I've been so worried about Joe and his feelings, maybe I didn't stop to think about my own. And now that there is so much more going on in my life, I can't stop to think about anything.

People know me as the optimistic one.
The girl who is high on life.
Laughing, smiling, joking, always being pleasant.
That was me.
Where has that person gone?

I am emotionally drained. My brain can't handle anymore stress, anxiety or helplessness.

I need to pull myself out of this slump and I don't know how. Life is too short to be this depressed. I haven't been clinically depressed for over 8 years. Why am I letting all this negativity and death take over my optimism and lust for life. Why now?

Can people just stop dying? Okay? I can't handle another death or to care for a friend in their time of need. I'm letting myself take on all of their problems and that just boils me over.

Optimistic... To be or not to be.
Man I wish it was just that easy.

Monday, April 7, 2008

"Thank You" family and friends

I just wanted to say a formal "thank you" to all of you who have been so supportive to Joe and I over the past few weeks. Dealing with the loss of a close friend, has been an new experience and we've never been more grateful for our friends and family. We are still grieving. My sadness is more for Joe than anything. He lost his best friend and knowing he is without that companionship is so hurtful. There are going to be a lot of things in our lives where Joe is going to wish John was here. Hopefully I can support and comfort Joe when those occurrences come up.

Joe is still taking things one day at a time. Joe and John had a few activities planned for upcoming months and Joe is now realizing plans have to change. Joe's brother Travis, was helping Joe find a bike that he had planned to ride with John over the summer. Not knowing of Joe's intentions for the bike, Travis brought it to Joe on Sunday and Joe just broke down in tears. Its so hard to see that; Joe never cries. I'm sure he was thinking of all the fun things he had planned during those "bike rides" and now he has no one to ride with. Travis offered to ride with him this coming weekend, but so far the weather report looks bad and Travis lives up in Farmington. A little inconvenient for a spontaneous ride. Now we have this bike on our balcony that only reminds Joe of John...we may have to get rid of it before Joe has the opportunity to take it out.

We have wonderful family and friends who have helped keep our minds busy and positive. We love you all and really appreciate all the condolences and the shoulders we cried on. Its been 3.5 weeks and I know its going to take - oh so much longer - to fully heal. Thank you for your patience.

Love to all

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rest In Peace - Johnathan Freeze

Joe and I lost a good friend over the weekend. We found out only 5 1/2 hours ago and I find myself so full of thoughts...I just need to get them out.

Why John? That's the main question that goes through my mind.
Wasn't there another alternative? The 2nd most popular in my head
Was it really "that" bad? Questions I'll never get answered. They may not be my business to begin with - but I"m hurting and I'm lost without answers.

He took his life sometime on Friday. His body was found, at his home, this afternoon. Found by his brother Kimball who had been anxiously worried about him after Jon didn't show up for their "get together" at noon today. Poor Kimball will never forget the site of his lifeless brother. I shudder to think what that was like.

For those of you who don't know John, I'll give you a little history. Joe and John have been friends since childhood. John is a year younger than Joe - just turned 24 in december. They have been through so much together. Joe could go on and on about all this trouble they used to get into or all the laughs they had as kids. John met his wife at a 18. (She was still a senior in high school.) They went through so much together and finally got married in 2004. With every relationships, they hit a few bumps in the road. Just after Christmas they decided to go separate ways.

John has played a big part in Joe's life. Talking, texting or gaming every day. So many memories and good times with each other. Joe is at a huge loss. I can't begin to explain the pain Joe is going through right now. I'm sure the only ones that can understand are John's family and all his other friends. I am thinking of John's mother and praying she gets through this. I can't imagine the emptiness she feels.

Its very surreal tonight as I think back on all the fun times we've had. Looking at pictures on my computer only increase my disbelief that this actually happened.

Could we have done something or said something to make him change his mind?
I'm sure there is nothing we could have done, but I can't help think about it.

Were we not there for him enough?
Did we not show enough love or support?
I'm sure there is nothing we could have done....

I have to keep telling myself that, as I grieve for a good friend. Now to move on, go to work tomorrow and even on a family vacation this coming Easter weekend. We have lost someone dear to us. There is no way to get him back.
No last words or hugs.

As you read this - be thankful. Be thankful you have friends and family around you that you can call or talk to on a moments notice. Don't take advantage of that. I know I will cherish the relationships I have and never take them for granted again.

Did he know how much we loved him?
Did he know how much he meant to Joe?
Did he know he was our family?

What will we do without him?

Rest in peace Johnathan Freeze. You will be in our prayers and our thoughts everyday. We miss you so much already. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good-bye Brett Farve!

I'm sure most of you have heard that Brett Farve has announced his retirement. As most of you know, I've been a Packers fan since their Superbowl loss in 1998! My whole family was cheering for the Broncos and I felt bad for Green I started cheering for them and never stopped. 10 years of cheering!! (Even through their embarrassing seasons) But last season and the end of the season before have been awesome for the Pack. I've been excited to watch them play and stay updated with team changes. Even though I was extremely disappointed with the end of this past season, I am still a loyal fan.

This morning I was told by 7 different people; via email, texts and phone calls, but I still had to log on to & to find out for sure. And sure enough, its true. Brett Farve will not be returning to Lambeau Field as a quaterback.

What a bummer. Of course I'm not extremely depressed, as some of you apparently thought I would be. But I am slightly disappointed. Farve isn't was an inevitable decision. Its just sad to see the legacy end. He broke so many records and will definitely go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks...ever.

I am hopeful though. There was a game last December where they broughy in their back up quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) to play - I believe Farve was slightly injured at the time. But Rodgers showed some possibilites. I am excited to see him play more and to see where he can take the Pack next season. Good luck to him and the all the other Packers. Its going to be a fresh start to a new season and I'll be there watching every game.

I love Brett Farve and I've always been impressed by his committment and passion for the game. It was awesome to watch him lead the Pack. He will be missed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Friends!

I just love making new friends! I have this way awesome client that has now become an official friend. There is a difference between clients and friends - I love all my clients because they are loyal, generous and just plain fun. But our relationship doesn't ever leave the salon environment. So basically I only see them when they need a haircut and only hear about things going on in there lives - after the fact. However, there are a great few of my clients that have upgraded our relationship to friends! I see/talk/text them outside of my work place and our conversations reach a whole new level! I actually get to find out their hobbies, likes/dislikes, family history and so much more. Its much better than salon know like; the weather, recent movies, books...lame, non-personal stuff. To actually learn about their life and how they got to where they are today is so rewarding. My new friend Alex is way cool!! I've been cutting his hair for, wow, like over a year I think?? And I have met his amazing fiance, Hailee. They are getting married on March 1st and I'm lucky enough to get to do her hair and makeup!!! Since I was called for that duty, we have seen each other so much recently. That is where our relationship progressed! I got the chance to introduce them to Joe yesterday. (Alex is a gamer as well, so you can only imagine the sparks that flew) They'll probably get together sometime in the near future and "WOW" it up or something of the gaming sort.

I'm just so excited for new friends. Hopefully we'll get a double date together at some point. I know Joe and I will both be attending the wedding...I, of course, will already be there but Joe told me he wants to tag along. It will be lots of fun and when they get back from the honeymoon we're going to have "Casserole Thursday!" Its already in the works!! Hee hee. Yeah for friends!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was supposed to be an ordinary Thursday. I work nights (til 9) and Joe has game night with "the boys." So since its technically "Valentine's Day," I didn't expect anything different. Joe and I had talked about celebrating over the weekend instead, because we'd actually have a night out together. Well, today wasn't an ordinary Thursday. Joe asked to have a late morning at work, so we could sleep in together - our favorite thing. He woke me up at 10:00 and said he was going to shower and go to work...and about 25 minutes later, he woke me up again, with breakfast-in-bed!!! I haven't had breakfast-in-bed for such a long time; it was perfect. He made my favorite - eggs-n-toast. (He cuts the center of a piece of bread and cooks the egg in the hole...its a childhood favorite!)

Unfortunately, shortly after breakfast, he really did have to get up and go to work. But I got up with him and we left the house at the same time. It was a wonderful morning.

Work was slow - mainly because of the weather & the holiday. I told my co-worker, Aaron, since we worked the night shift together, we should be each others Valentine's. Well he took it seriously and bought me a card and cinnamon bears. (You can always win me over with food!!) And then we went to dinner after we closed up. It was an amazing day. Doted upon by two fabulous guys...couldn't ask for anything more. Aaron, I hope next year you have a valentine of your own. He'll be a lucky guy!! :)

Now I'm about ready to go to bed and Joe is telling me, he put in my favorite "romance" movie that we'll fall asleep to. (It's The American President, by the way.) Something about that movie just makes me want to fall in love all over again. Joe is my President Shepard.

Well good night friends - and I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Hope you spent it with someone special. Love to all - ERICA

Monday, February 11, 2008

Random-Disney-Movie Day!

Joe and I are obsessed with Disney movies. Mostly the ones we remember from our childhood. However our parents own the ones we would watch over and over again when we were little and now that we are adults, we have made it our goal to own the entire Disney movie collection. (all the feature films; both animation and live action and all the shorts.) There are so many of them and they continue to make more, so we've got our work cut out for us. We've come up with "random-disney-movie day," (RDM day). We pick out a "date night", we grab our Disney encyclopedia and head to F.Y.E. Once there, we search the Disney section for the oldest movie, we don't already own. (The one who finds the oldest movie, also decides what snacks we munch on while we watch it!)

The Disney encyclopedia, has an index that list all the movies and the year it was released. What a great find that book was! Its just a fun way to start a "date night" and we have a great time trying to guess which movie is older.

I had yesterday off, so we made it a RDM day!! I started out the race with a Davy Crockett collection of films, all released in the 1960's...but Joe soon challenged me with Dumbo. One of the top 10 oldest animations, released in 1951. I thought I had been defeated...however after 15 minutes of "never give-up" searching, I found Alice in Wonderland, released in 1941!!! Yeah, I won!! (By the way, we ate peanut butter M&M's and kettle-corn popcorn. The ultimate prize!)

We've been doing RDM day for about 8 months and we've increased our collections quite a bit. Of course once we find the oldest movie in the section, we still browse for some of our favorites and if its a good deal, we pick that movie up as well. Some of our favorite finds are: Pete's Dragon, The Absent-minded Professor, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Aristocats and many others. **We also pick up the ones that we know will head back into the Disney vault shortly.**

RMD days are my favorite. Just thought you should know!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm a blogger!!!

We have finally hopped on the bandwagon! Its been very interesting to find out how many people we know are on blogspot. Please add us to your list! I don't know how often we'll write...but we'll keep you updated if something major comes up!