Monday, June 21, 2010


Crafty, crafty, crafty!!

Having nieces living right above me has brought out my inner artist. I can't stop creating!!! Whether its bows, headbands, pictures, frames or wall-hangings, ideas are just bursting out of me! I even bought a canvas to paint.... I haven't bought a canvas in over 12 years.
Its so weird.

I posted a picture, of some of the bows my sister Kalie and I made, on facebook but I'll post them here as well. I just got done making the "Bow" wall-hanging. I got the idea from my friend Becca, who recently had a baby girl. I saw hers and decided it could be easy enough for me to make - and viola! I created one for my adorable new nieces.

My inner artist is making a come back....did hell freeze over? I can't wait for my next project!!!

These are small photos - sorry they were taken with my cell phone. I'll try to post more later.

Here is the newest craft. It doesn't show the hanging ribbons, but its to hang all the headbands and bows/clips on. I'll post a pic onces its on the wall and in use.
(Oh and we added their "first" bows to the bottom left of the board. These were given to them in the hospital.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Amatuer photo shoot - take 2

I guess photography might become a hobby of mine. If that's the case - I'm pretty sure I need to invest in my own camera. Borrowing my dads is becoming an issue.

I did a photo shoot with my sister Andee, when she was 35 weeks pregnant with my twin nieces. She looked incredible for having 2 babies in there - only gaining about 30lbs. I dolled her up with makeup and a cute hair style and off to Murray Park we went. The pictures turned out awesome and I hope Andee was pleased.

Now that my nieces are here - and uber small, I thought I'd bring out my inner photographer once more and capture their "cuteness." After my reluctant father gave me permission, I borrowed his camera for the shoot. Man, I have a lot to learn - little babies are SO HARD to capture! Wiggling, crying AND peeing all over the place!!

However, lessons learned and hopefully my nieces won't grow up with a grudge...I tortured them...just a little.

**Oh and a little shout out to my dear friend Elizabeth for being my assistant. She is the one to credit for the tutu pictures. (She was the best at "posing/positioning!!") Elizabeth - you're amazing!!

I know Andee is going to post them as well, so sorry for repeats, but here is a taste. Enjoy.

Avie Joy Hellstrom

Ella Rae Hellstrom