Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ode to Joy

I just want to take some time to show my good friend Joy a little appreciation.

Joy, you are amazing!! It takes a special person to go out of their way to help another. I know I expressed it to you earlier, but I really wanted to make sure you understand how much I appreciated your gesture. I've been lucky to have some great clients over the years. Clients that have turned into friends. And I'm so glad I can call you a friend.

I had such a rough day and not only did you bring me dinner, but you listened to my woes. You have been such a loyal customer and friend and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done. Tips, food, compliments, your listening ear AND your friendship. I couldn't ever repay you.

I love visiting with you and I look forward to your bi-weekly appointment!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for thinking of me and going out of you way to show that extra special kindness. I love you Joy!!! And I love the new red color we put in your hair. I hope you like it too!!!

See you in 2 weeks!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Optimistic or bust

This is an "I'm on my soap box" blog. So if you don't want to read about me whining, then click away now.

I changed the hair - so it looked more like me...don't have the skills to change the outfit...but you get the idea!

I'm breathing today. One breath at a time. Its been an incredibly chaotic 5 days. Luckily the worst is out of the way and I'm forcing myself to stay positive.

As manager of my salon, I have to deal with hiring and firing....yuck. Hiring is a piece of cake. I enjoy that part of it, but having to let someone go, it torture. I'm sure you know where this is going, yes I had to let someone go last week. Well, I didn't personally, but my manager's manager drove in from out of state to deal with the situation in person. I'm grateful for that because I was about to throw up just thinking of what I would have to say.

I can't give many details, especially because I'd get fired. But I can stress my frustration of my staffing problems. For real, what is up? Since I've started there as manager (January 09) 7 people have come and gone!!! 7 people!!! Five of which left voluntarily pursuing other areas of their career, one left due to a mutual agreement and now one was let go! Its so aggravating to lose people and to be considered a salon with high turnover. I hate that phrase "high turnover." I've worked for the company 3+ years!!! Why does no one else have my same work ethic or stability?

Most of my customers are probably wondering what is wrong with me. They don't hear that my stylists left on their own. All they see is me, constantly under staffed and frustrated. Now I'm down to just 1 stylist. Just me and Megan. And since there is only 2 of us, my manager has asked me to cut the salon's hours! Oh my gosh I'm going to die. CUT THE HOURS?!?! I wanna make money, hello?? But I also don't want to work 72+ hours a week. There is nothing I can do at this point. I have hired someone that is starting on the 1st of September and I have one amazing stylist that, so far, is sticking with me through this whole mess.

I just get so frustrated with managing. Its not in me to be a leader. I'm a hardcore follower. Anyone read 'One Minute Manager?' Its brilliant!! Why can't I turn my life around or adapt different skills?

One of these days I'll figure it out. I'll get through this storm. Luckily I have amazing, positive people surrounding me. They pull me back to normal life and bring the cheerful side of me out again. I only have 1 choice in this matter. I'm not willing to give up; I'm not willing to back down; I can't make people stay in my salon. I can only be optimistic about the future. Positive thinking when I hire someone new. This could be another stylist with my same ambition. This could be a candidate to replace me one day.

I love doing hair. I love my salon. I love making clients happy and boosting their self esteem. I know I'm in the right business. So what can I do now to keep my salon successful and STAFFED!?!?! Any advice would be appreciated. I always feel like I go above and beyond for my girls. But I'm sure I need improvement somewhere.

My apology's go out to anyone I'm going to inconvenience over the next few weeks. My hours at the salon will be unpredictable and I'm going to miss out on certain important events. I've had to move around so many plans because my work schedule keeps changing. Your patience and understanding is VERY much appreciated. Handling my salon with just 2 of us there is a lot of work and so stressful/overwhelming. Err...

And to all of you who keep a smile on my face...thank you. A true smile is really a sigh of relief in my book. One breath at a time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August = birthdays galore!

I have so many family members with birthdays in August. (And Andee's birthday is in the first week of September.) So basically we have a birthday party almost every weekend until after Labor day. But its all good! I love celebrating the lives of my family. I thought I'd write a little blurb about each of them.


First, JESSICA!!! Her 18th birthday was August 11th.

I just love the crap out of this girl. I mean really, every time I see her I can't help but smile. She is the epitome of silly, dorky, pretty & fun. She can make me laugh when I'm in a bad mood, cheer me up when I'm sad and comfort me when I'm stressed. Most of you know her and you all know what I'm talking about. I hardly ever see this girl in a bad mood.

She is a dedicated dancer; which makes spending time with her VERY difficult. You almost need to check with her coach before talking to her. But she loves, eats and sleeps Jordan Drill. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her and her dedication. Long practices, competitions, tight outfits, sore muscles and the endless kicking. I get exhausted just thinking about what a drill practice is like. I love watching her doing watch she loves most. Its so inspiring.

Jessica, my sweet, I love you dearly. You are my baby sister and my happiness. Thank you for always being there to put a huge smile on my face. Happy birthday!! I can't believe you're 18!!! Seriously, it makes me feel so old. I hope your day was wonderful and I can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow. (Thanks for making time to go to breakfast with me on Friday...or should I thank Chandra??) :P


Second there is KELLY (KJ). My sister Andee's husband. His 30th birthday is on the 25th.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KJ!! You're're old!! ;)

This guy is another reason I smile all the time. So sarcastic and witty. We've had many good jokes!! He is a very motivated landscaper. Not only does he mow our lawn twice a week, he deals with trimming, cutting, clipping, weeding, poop scooping, decorating and trapping rats!! (Or coaching my Simon on how to catch rats!) I can't thank this guy enough for all he has done for our house. It looks so much better on the outside and really gives this place a "home" feeling. Thank you for keeping this place looking nice. Oh and thank you for dealing with my sister. She's a handful that one!! You're a patient man....(just teasing Andee!!!) Plus you agreed to buy a house with me, Andee's twin. Again, you're a very patient man. And thanks for cleaning up after my dogs - that's the biggest thanks.


Now there is my Dad and my nephew Dallin. Both born on August 31st...but MANY years apart! ;)

I wish I had more pics of him

DALLIN! He is Joe's Luke Skywalker. His padawan, his pupil, his apprentice. They share some of the same "gamer" passions and dreams. He's a smart kid that will definitely be inspired by technology. He loves playing with other kids and enjoys hanging out with little Jesse. They're always getting into trouble together. Dallin has always been such a sweet boy and he always gives me goodbye hugs.

Happy birthday Dallin...I'm sorry you have to share your day with my Dad. Your birthday will never be as important.


Which brings me to my Dad. Although his birthday is on the 31st, we start celebrating it after Jessica's and all the way to Andee's. (He truly believes the month of August is all about him.) Ask him where we're going to dinner...its his birthday, he decides. What movie are we going to see? Well whatever he wants...its his birthday! Hee hee.

DAD will be 55 this year. (Sorry for outing your age) I've always been a huge daddy's girl and he really does mean the world to me. Whenever I have a mathematical, geological, technical, or any other type of question, I know he's just a phone call away. I am so lucky to have a dad that can be so understanding and accepting - okay well most of the time! I know he loves me unconditionally, even though sometimes I disappoint. He is proud of my career choice, husband choice and life choice. Whether it was the life he wanted for me or not, I know he's proud nonetheless.

You all know "Uncle Al the Kiddies Pal!" He's always been great with kids. Laughing, spoiling, teaching, frustrating and guiding! My dad has done SO MUCH for me over the years. I'm grateful to have such a supporting figure in my life. Even though he can be extremely ornery sometimes and constantly inquisitive..."What? What's going on?" "What's happening?" He still is a great role model. Luckily I married a man very similar to my dad. Both logical thinkers (lucky me!) Both dorky, nerdy and fascinated by anything sci-fi. They're big Trekkers too. I love it though. I get my time with Nancy and Joe gets his time with my dad. Its a perfect situation!!

Happy birthday Dad. Your month long birthday celebration has officially started. Although I celebrate you every day! NO TIME!!!


Okay, those are the 4 birthdays in August. (It doesn't seem like a lot, but considering its the only month we celebrate more than 2 people, it gets hectic trying to plan parties) But each of these people mean so much to me, in so many different ways. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and dad. I appreciate each of you and really want you to know that I am celebrating you. Happy birthday guys!!! **** I also want to give a shout out to everyone else who has a birthday in August. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have some friends and Joe has a niece who were also born this month - hope your birthdays were and will be great!!! ****

P.S. Sorry Andee, technically you're a September baby and will have to wait for that September post. Even though your birthday is thrown into the "August chaos of celebration," I'll dedicate a post just for you. Love you Smalls!!!