Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sick in June

That's right, its been freakin' 90 degrees outside all week long and I've been in bed sick!! It started Monday night 6/16 and here it is Saturday night 6/21 and I'm still using my humidifier. Luckily I had Monday and Tuesday off of work. Wednesday was my first day back and I could barely talk. My throat was so dry and sore I started losing my voice. Then Thursday came. I was up all night, not able to breathe without pain and I had to be to work by 9am. Joe forced me to go to the doctor. It seems - without fail - that every time I get sick, I "wait" on making a doctors appointment, because I'm a baby and hate the doctor. Then when I finally realize I "need" antibiotics its the weekend and I can't go 'til Monday. Joe hates this. Because he has to listen to me whine all week about being sick and miserable and then its too late to go to the doctor. I would have to go to the emergency room or insta-care which costs more money. Oh the joys of living with me.

Anyway, Joe made me an appointment on Thursday, had to leave work early and everything. Turns out I have Laryngitis. Oh so much fun, a viral infection that antibiotics can't help. The doc told me not to talk - yeah right - and breathe with my nose, not my mouth. The two things I just can't do!!!!! I'm a talkaholic mouth breather. Needless to say, I was out of work half of Thursday and all of Friday. Missing out on one of the busiest days at my salon. Damn virus!!! Who coughed on me???

I went back to work today, thank heavens. Today is my moneymaker day and I couldn't miss it. It turned out to be a good day, money wise. So that made up for my misery the past couple of days. But I have been doing good at breathing through my nose. Its like a whole other world. Lots of smells I've been missing out on! The not-talking thing...yeah not so much. It worked for me Thrusday night and Friday, but hello?!?!? I do hair for a living. I'm pretty much a counselor, confidant and friend first and then hairdresser second. Now I'm home getting ready for bed and my throat is killing me. I've got this ugly, scratchy man voice going on right now. Sooo sexy. Hopefully I will shake this crappy laryngitis bologna by the end of the weekend. We'll see.

I want to give a shout out to my best buddy Chandra. Today is her birthday and her sick, stupid friend Erica forgot to call her. I'm sorry!!! I was so concerned about work today, it completely slipped my mind. Then once I remembered, I was afraid it was too late to call you, so I sent a text. Then you called me back and my phone busted....yeah that's a whole other blog. I promise we'll talk soon - or I'll see you when you come up to SLC again.

Man I hate being sick.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh yeah...

I forgot to mention - I bleached my hair! Its summer time and I've been aching for a change. I might go lighter, but for now, I'm strawberry-blonde and I love it!!! Yeah for changes!! (something else to be excited about!!)

Excitement...or lack thereof.

I haven't blogged in awhile. Not since Andee's wedding day. I guess I feel like nothing in my life can top the excitement of that day. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun. Andee looked beautiful, Kelly was handsome and the day was gorgeous. Beautiful, sunny weather!!! And it was good to see all the familiar faces!! Visiting is what I'm best at!

So lets see, whats going on in my life. Joe finally got his "big screen." For those of you who don't know, Joe and I have been fighting about getting a larger TV, for over a year now. Our fights are pretty funny sometimes, but this one was awful. We just couldn't compromise on anything. Finally, after a night of searching for a new couch, we stumbled across a "killer" deal on a new 50" flat screen. Couldn't pass it up, so we now own a big screen, AND I even bought a new couch/love seat set. We've manipulated our current entertainment center to fit this new TV, so we pretty much have a completely new living room. It's awesome. And for those who have seen it, can agree that it looks much better. Now the fight over electronics is over and we're both happy. Finally a compromise!!!!

I'm also switching salons - its a big deal! I've been unhappy with my current salon and people working in it. No goals, potential to get better or any work ethic whatsoever. So I have put in for a transfer to the new one in Riverton. Still the same chain salon "Smart Style," but now on 134th South and Bangeter Highway. I start there on July 1st. Its a new salon - only been open about 2 months. The manager there is awesome; I've met her and talked with her many times on the phone and couldn't be more pleased. She has so many goals and what seems like A LOT of determination to achieve said goals. Its the exact type of person I want to work for. I'm VERY excited for a change and something different. I've been in Jordan Landing for over 2 years and its time to move on. Plus, this will be a good view of which clients will follow me. So if I were to ever leave the chain all together or start up my own place, I'll know who is the most loyal. It will be a difficult first few months, with the adjusting and trying to let ALL of my clients know, but its going to be worth it. Plus I have the most understanding husband in the world, and he is willing to work overtime to help keep our income stable. Thank you Joe!!

Well, there is some excitement going on in my life...I think. Lots of changes and upgrades! Of course with the new job, our summer "trips" have been cancelled. I just don't know how many days I can afford to take off. Especially since I won't be making a lot of money over the next month-or-so. I know Joe is disappointed about not going to our family cabin-trip to Pine Valley next month. And I've decided not to attend the "Girls Las Vegas" trip in July either. A little sad, but I know we'll make up for it next summer. Sorry family - we won't be with you on the family vacations this year.

However, I know my mom is having a family reunion with her side of the family at the first of August, that we'll be making and I've a wedding (yeah Becca!!) at the end of July to look forward too. Plus Joe and I will be hitting 7 years together (3 married) this fall. We haven't ever done anything "big" for our anniversaries...maybe this year we can plan something really fun.

Who knows what this summer will bring; I'm excited to find out