Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank you stranger!

Yesterday, Sunday the 21st, I got a flat tire driving to work! Not a blow out or anything, just a nail caught in the tire. Not my first experience with a flat, (2nd time in the last 3 months actually) and I think I handled it just fine.

I was about to enter the freeway on the on-ramp by my house, when I noticed a "flopping" sound. Before I drove up the on-ramp, I pulled over to check the tires. Sure enough, my rear-passenger tire was almost flat. I called Joe and he told me to get off at the next exit and head to a gas station to pump some air in the tire. So naturally, following my husbands advice, I jumped back in the car and headed onto the freeway.

Not even a 1/8 of mile more, the flopping got louder! Got out again and saw it was completely flat. I was still on the phone with Joe and he told me he was on his way to help me change it.

While I was pulled off the freeway, digging in my trunk for the spare/jack/lug-nut wrench, a Good Samaritan driving a Subaru, stopped to assess the situation. He was such a nice guy, helping a damsel in distress. I told him Joe was on his way, but he insisted on starting the process anyway. He got down on his back to put the jack under my car - and by the way, I just HAD to pull off the road next to the biggest, muddy puddle ever!!! - then he proceeded taking off the flat tire.

Of course it was really loud on the freeway, so we didn't talk much. I just stood by in amazement. He finished taking off the flat, before I could comprehend what he was actually doing. Then he threw the spare tire on and had it all tightened before Joe even showed up! This guy was incredible. Fast, experienced and dependable!

Joe got there just as we were shoving the flat into my trunk. He shook my hand and took off before Joe could get out of the car to greet him. I was speechless! Here was my Knight in shining armour - who rode in on Subaru and fixed my problem before I could blink! It was awesome!

I didn't get his name or a proper "thank you" out to him before he was driving away. I then kissed Joe good-bye, said thank you for checking on me and then I headed off to work...only 15 minutes late. (Not an hour!) I am so grateful for this guy. He got dirty, greasy and sweaty all for me. This average "Joe" took time out of his day to assist a helpless hair stylist in her nice work clothes!

Joe has always been my Prince Charming on his white stallion, who rescues me at any sign of distress. But this was a time Joe couldn't get there fast enough and I was lucky enough to have a complete stranger help me out! I will forever be grateful, for such a wonderful person. There should be more people like him in this world. He has completely changed my perspective and the type of people living in Utah. There are some good ones left! I love it!!

Way to go Mr. Green Subaru. You made a skeptical woman, optimistic about her neighbors. Thank you!

So for YOU, who would win? I know who would win for ME!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

They're coming!!

My all-time-favorite-band is coming to SLC in 2 weeks!! I'm begging my friend Chris to take me as his date. Only because he already has 2 tickets (its his all-time-favorite-band as well) and his wife doesn't like them. What a perfect match, because Joe doesn't like them either! Me and Chris were destined to see this concert together....

Now, if only I could get him to see it my way. Come on Chris!! Hook Your Sister up and let's Knock Down Drag Out on down to the E-Center!!! I want me some Pork and Beans!! I'm gonna come Undone if you don't Take Control and let me take a Photograph of Rivers Cuomo!!!

Say It Ain't So Chris...Say It Ain't So.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The "slump" is outta here!

My business if finally picking up, since moving to the new salon. It's been a rough couple of months and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I moved to a newer/slower salon - hoping to take all my clients with me and bring in some business. However 50% of my once faithful clients have deserted me. I'm sure there are a lot of reasons for it, gas prices being one of them. But I was hoping my skills would be worth the extra 5 mintue drive. I do have a few loyal clients that will follow me anywhere and I try to pay extra special attention them!!

I'm pulling myself out of this "slump" that I've been in since the salon-switch. Things are picking up and I have found new clients that have started coming back to me. That's always reassuring. So good-bye old clients and hello new & exciting faces! Plus, this new salon is SO MUCH better than the old place. No drama, flexible hours and a boss that really cares. I couldn't be happier...and now that money is starting to come in, my smile couldn't be bigger.

My thanks really goes out to Joe. For working late nights and some weekends to help pick up my slacking wages. Getting into a house can be quite a struggle financially and he has helped make it possible. I just love him so much. He is so amazingly perfect for me and treats me so well. I know I take him for granted sometimes, especially with my hot-headed temper. But I truly appreciate everything he has done for me and continues to do. And he's put up with my "work slump" and all my anxiety...I couldn't ask for more!

The light is shining through and I'm making money again. (Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself!)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're home!

As most of you know, the move is final. We have our new house!! Its been so great and we are already enjoying the space. I got a call from my step-dad the other day and he asked me what I was doing and I said "just chillin' in the garage." He said, "Wow, sounds like a good place to chill." And I replied with, "I've never had one before and I'm enjoying every minute of it!" So, I'm a dork...what's new?

We've bought a rambler with a finished basement, complete with a kitchenette. Joe and I have taken over the downstairs, while Andee and Kelly dwell in the floor above. So far everything has been great; lots of upgrading and decorating. Andee has already started taking down wallpaper in her kitchen and repainting. I'm not there yet. I want to get settled in a little more and take time deciding what I want to do. I don't want to have to redo it in a year or so, so I hope to make the right choice. I want to repaint our family room, bedroom and kitchen, but they are all covered in old 70's wallpaper and seeing what Andee is going through right now, I'm not sure I'm ready for that task!! I guess we'll see.

We've had a few mishaps since we've owned the house. All happening in one day actually!! First, Kelly was de-weeding the backyard and accidentally dug too far in the ground and broke a sprinkler pipe, flooding the west side of the house. Then, I broke the blinds in our room trying to close the window, to keep the water from pouring into our room. Plus, Joe and I couldn't get our couch into our family room, because the doorway was too narrow, so I had my stepdad Kelly come over and widen it for us. So he basically cut up our walls and there was sheet-rock everywhere! All within 2 hours of each other! Oh the joys of owning a home! We love it though!!!!

Our backyard is amazing. Its so wonderful having a place outside, where we can just hang out and still have privacy. We had a dinky patio in our apartment, but it was next to a walkway that led to a very crowded parking lot, so there was constant foot traffic. NO PRIVACY! Plus our 2 dogs are loving the space to run around. They are both outside dogs now and we've only had a few instances of whining and rashes on Lucas. (He's allergic to pollen and some kinds of grass...actually very common and since his belly is so low to the ground, he rashes very easily. Hives sometimes.) But we got him a medication and have a rash spray that has kept him a happy dog.

Its been an awesome experience and I want to thank our family and friends that helped us pack up and move. Who likes to move boxes up and down stairs? No one, but there were so many people who came to help us out and we are very grateful. You guys are the best!!! THANK YOU!!

We plan on having sort of a house warming party. No gifts necessary, we just want to show everyone the house. Of course we want to wait until we are completely rid of boxes and some of the major projects are done.

I actually love being home now. Before, we were always trying to find a reason to get out; movies, dinner, family events. But now we just enjoying "being" at home. Keeping things cleaned and organized has been our goal since we moved in and I'm noticing I have more motivation to do it! I just wanted everyone to know how happy we are in our new home and so far living with Andee and Kelly has been awesome. We've had a few dinners together and enjoy each others company, but its nice to have our seperate space to be alone. They are great roommates and are doing incredible things to make our house look freaking awesome!

Thanks everyone again for helping us move and for all the support! Yay!!, we are homeowners and the boxes are almost gone!!! Anyone need 245 cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes??? Okay, there wasn't 245, but I'm sure to everyone that helped us move, it seemed like it!!! :)