Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is a great day of remembrance and recognition.  Of all the people in our lives or the ones fighting for our freedom. Not only the ones that have passed on, but the ones that still affect our lives each day.

Joe and I have met some incredible people throughout our adulthood.  So many friends and family that support us and help make us the people we are today.  This wonderful memorial day is about celebrating them.  Thank you to everyone.  That includes you, the one reading my blog. My thoughts, hopes, desires and silly rants. It includes each person we talk to on a daily basis. The friends and family we don't get the chance to see all the time. We feel so very blessed to have you in our lives.

We also want to recognize the people we have lost. My dear grandma that passed away in March. I loved her so much and she really did have an effect on my adulthood for sure.  She was an amazing woman and I feel so bad she had such a rough time over these last few years. I know you are happy where you are grandma - I love you!  Keep on square dancin'!!

Also our friend John. Its been a year and 3 months since he left our lives. Joe has dealt with this sadness and has started the healing process.  It was hard to lose such a wonderful, outgoing friend.  We went to the Salt Lake cemetery this afternoon. What a beautiful day it turned out to be.  His headstone was there; we hadn't seen it before. We sat and talked about good times we had and all our poker nights.  We also talked about the exciting things that have happened to us, that unfortunately John has missed out on.  A part of Joe left with John.  But things have been really good for us and we were lucky we got to share in John's short life.

So many headstones and graves at the Salt Lake cemetery. Its huge! Many families and visitors there this afternoon.  Its sad to have people leave our lives so soon.  But they are needed elsewhere. Today I am also thinking of all the people I know who have lost someone.  I hope today was a celebration for them as you are to us everyday.

We love you all.  Thank you for reading and make sure you tell that special person you love them, every single day.  Embrace your family and friends and don't ever take ANY moment for granted!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

Oh my gosh was tonight so much fun?  I'm a newbie to the American Idol excitement; I started watching religiously towards the end of last season.  I was so excited when Murray's own Archecutie was getting closer and closer to the finals!!  I made it a point to watch this season in its entirety!

I'm definitely a watcher, not a voter.  I let the rest of America chose my idol.  I DVR both shows during the week and indulge myself every now and then.  I even catch a few of my favorite songs (i.e. Heartless, Mad World and any song by Danny Gokey) on the American Idol website.

This year, as the same with last year, I really didn't care who won the show. I mean if they are really talented and popular, they'll become famous either way. Look at Clay Aiken, Katherine McPhee, Chris Daughtry and David Archecutie! There was SO MUCH talent this year. I couldn't believe how good everyone actually was.  There have been some re-airs that I've seen that just make me giggle.  I can't believe some of those previous contestants actually made it to the top 12. (Like Kristie Lee Cook last year....uhh!!) This year I was a fan of Alexis, bummer she went home so early and Megan Joy...however she never picked the right song. I mean come on, Rockin' Robin??? Oy!  She should have embraced Norah Jones or Corine Bailey Rae.  But my huge favorite was the Gokester!!  Danny Gokey and his sexy, raspy voice was just killer.  He gave me goosebumps!  I was hoping that sometime during the season he would pick a song by Bryan Adams...but Anoop beat him to it and say 'Everything I Do'.  Danny would've killed that song.  Of course I was bummed out when he didn't make the final 2, but Adam and Kris are both so was hard to see anyone go home.

However, I must say I'm glad to see Kris Allen win.  I honestly thought Adam would take the title by a long-shot. But if you think about it, Adam is a HUGE entertainer and no matter were he fell in the competition, he'll make it big. Broadway, rock concerts, super-bowls...he'll make it. Kris was the underdog and I think if he didn't get the title of American Idol, he wouldn't have done much.  He needed that recognition to boost that career.  I'm excited to see what he has in store.

I was blown away with the finale this year.  A bevy of rock gods and famous artists showed up...(plugs in tow!!)  I loved the Black Eye Peas, Cyndi Lauper and Keith Urban.  I almost died when my Gokey was singing 'Hello' by Lionel Ritchie. Are you kidding? That was FABULOUS!!! However it rocked my world to see KISS on stage again in all their glory...and outfits!!  Did you see it??  Spandex, makeup and the platform shoes!  It was a time warp and so freakin' amazing!! Then to top the night off, Kris and Adam sang with QUEEN!!  My all time favorite group was there jamming to 'We Are the Champions'.  Who isn't more amazing then Queen??  RIP Freddie Mercury.  

The show tonight just altered my entire universe. Music is just so uplifting and exciting. It always puts me in a good mood anyway.  Plus to see someone come from nothing and then 13 or so weeks later, are up on that stage singing with some greats like Rod Stewart, Queen Latifah, Santana and Lionel Ritchie!!  You gotta be kidding me!!

Well congrats to Kris Allen for becoming the next American Idol. I'm so excited to hear all the singles that come from those fantastic contestants.  I might have to buy tickets to the American Idol tour.  Anyone selling 'em?  I'll pay top dollar!!! ;)

Thanks for reading my rant.  Yay American Idol!!!  Next up...So You Think You Can Dance!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Choppity chop chop!

I've been "growing" my hair out since last July and I recently decided to chop it off again.  Its pretty much the same cut I had a year or so ago.  My best buddy and former manager, Aaron, took care of me.  I went in for a trim and came out a new woman!

The weather has been so beautiful lately and I've had so many clients (including my sisters) that have come in and wanted short cuts for the summer.  I guess I feel like I need to be apart of that group. 

Plus its easier, healthier and so much more fun!!  I put some bright colors in it last week; the day before doing a presentation at a beauty school.  (I just had to have "hairstylists" hair for that show!!)  Believe it or not, but it really helps my business. Especially with the newbies (girls fresh out of school). Having fun/funky hair promotes salon attraction and attention. And right now, I need to freshen-up my staff with some newbies!! Grabbing their attention is exactly what I needed! 

I think this look is more "me" anyhow.  The fun, crazy, upbeat Erica I used to know.  I'm dippin' back into that!!

Everyone should get a new summer do.  It really does make you feel better!!  **Thanks Aaron and my new stylist Megan, for cutting & coloring me.  My hair is hot again!!!**  Its only been a week & 1/2 and I already feel like a completely rejuvenated Erica!!
(Its hard to tell from this photo, but the cut is asymmetrical; this being the long side. Plus it has bright orange and blonde pieces)

If you're thinking of a new summer 'do' - call me and lets make it happen!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost Cards - if found please notify ASAP!

Last week I spent hours making these beautiful cards...and now they are gone. Gone!!  I have absolutely no idea where I would have put them.  Its been over a week since they went M.I.A. and I'm still racking my brain.

They were such lovely cards.  Two of them were for Andee & Kalie (and spouses), thanking them for showing me love and appreciation on that day for hairstylists.  I know I already expressed my gratefulness in person, but who doesn't love getting a card in the mail?  Especially a cute, homemade one.  I already blogged about how wonderful my sisters are and put up pictures of the flowers they sent me.  But a personal note was needed and now they are lost.

I also made a card for my youngest sister Jessica.  A congratulatory card letting her know how excited I am that she made Vice President of the Charlonian Drill Team for next year; her last year.  I know she is so happy and overjoyed with this news and I so desperately wanted her to be surprised when she went to the mail box and found a note of love from her older sister.  Yeah, that card is also missing.

All the hours spent on these cards.  They all had a theme too - I bought this pretty ribbon at Michaels and I couldn't wait to find a special purpose for it. Each card was made different, but with the same card stock papers.  All in bright springy colors.  And each of them were made with love.  A love that is now lost with these cards.

I have searched EVERY WHERE!!!  Not in my scrap booking/card making room. Not in any of my various drawers with junk piling up.  Not hidden under my couches or mistakenly thrown away. Also not in my car, purse, night stand or closet. NO WHERE!!!

The joys of receiving a card in the mail whether it be thanking or congratulating are gone.  I'm sure I could make up a quick secondary card and re-send it, but has too much time passed?  Do these girls know how much I love and appreciate them? Does my baby sister know how stoked I am for her last year the drill team?  I'm sure they do.  But that extra effort won't be noticed.

Those dang cards!!!  Where could they have possibly gone???  Joe's been helping me search.  I even had Andee going through my piles of chaos.  Its so strange that they have completely disappeared.

Well Andee and Kalie,
I'm so sorry to have lost those elaborate, homemade cards.  You guys are such wonderful sisters and a huge support in my career!!  Thank you for putting up with me and giving me the chance to grow as a stylist. You have both referred SO MANY people to me...I'm thinking you're my best business.  Your love and support means the world to me.  Its exciting to see YOU get excited to sit in my chair and let me work some magic.  Its awesome to play around with ideas and make masterpieces.  And even with your silly husbands "growing" out their hair, they give me the opportunity to do something new.  Whether its waxing eyebrows or his neck or coming in for that good ol' scalp massage; I always feel accomplished.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me and my career.  Love Erica

Now Jessica,
I can't begin to express how pumped up I am for next year.  As sad as it is, that it'll be your final year as a Charlonian, I know it will be the best.  Any competition, showcase or sporting event that I can attend, you know I'll be there as your biggest supporter.  You have always been so talented and graceful and I know each girl on your team considers you a good friend. I'm more than sure that is why Chandra asked you to be Co-Captain/Vice President for next year.  I have the utmost confidence that you will prove to her you deserve that title.  Whether its counting down before a dance, organizing a fundraiser, cutting music or having dad take all the have always been a natural leader, organizer and friend. Good luck this summer and next year as you prepare to go out with a bang. You know I'll be there to watch.  I'm so very proud of you.  Good luck babe - RED

These are just quick re dos for my loved ones.  They deserve so much more, but apparently my brain is over flowing and forgetting details that shouldn't have been overlooked.  I love you girls and if I ever find those blasted cards, I'll still pass them along.  

DANG CARDS!!! I feel so flustered and frustrated.  How could something so important be forgotten?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogs 1, 2 & 3!!

So much to blog about. The past couple of weeks have been jam packed with lots of fun and activities. I'm going to do this blog in 3 different sections, just so I can divide attention where its most needed.  Keep many things to say and so many pictures!!!   Here goes....

Blog #1 - My birthday present
I asked for a jewelry armoire for my birthday. I have an obsession with jewelry and my old box was over-flowing with necklaces and earrings. Well my loving family got it for me and I spent  maybe an hour & 1/2 organizing and separating everything. Here is a few pictures of my piles and the armoire. was A LOT of fun organizing everything.  I must have a little OCD in me somewhere!! Thank you to my wonderful family for the contributions to my obsessive collection.  Not only did I get this armoire for my birthday, I also got some new jewelry as well!!!  (plus I ordered some Lia Sophia for me...I have empty drawers that need filling!!!!)  As you read in my last post, my 27th was really a day to remember.  I have such wonderful family and friends.  Thank you all for helping making that day so special for me.

Blog #2 - Hairstylist Appreciation Day
April 30th
I have the best clients ever!  Especially my sisters!!!  Kalie was the first one to tell me about this day, a couple of years ago.  Now we celebrate it every year!!  I got a lot of text messages and facebook emails from my friends, family and some clients!  It feels good to be appreciated!!  All the long hours of me standing on my feet and having to deal with real picky people....who am I kidding...I LOVE IT!!  Every day is a new adventure and I truly love doing hair.  Getting the chance to be creative 40 hours a week is just so much fun.  Whether it is a haircut, a color, perm or just styling, its all fantastic!!

Thank you to all my clients (and my sisters) for letting me run wild with my imagination and testing my creativity to the limits.  I love you all!!

Andee and Kalie (along with their spouses) sent me flowers.  Look how gorgeous they are!!!!  I'm so lucky.  Thank you guys!!!

Blog #3 - Spring Fling Bunco!
I've posted about our family Bunco nights before and here is another night worth blogging about. Unfortunately with our family circumstances in March, we were unable to get together; so we haven't had Bunco night since January!  This May it was my turn to host and I chose to have a "Spring Fling Bunco." Of course I got the idea from the high school dance and I just ran with ideas.  My friend Elizabeth helped me make [cheesy and large] corsages and boutonnieres.
Then we took couple pictures in front of my homemade backdrop!!  Stars and all!!!

Chad & Amanda

Kelly & Andee

Joe and I with our homemade shirts!

Kelly & Karla - They pretended the invitation said "spring clean" instead of "spring fling." We all got a good laugh at that!!  So clever...

Jesse & Kalie...keeping it G-rated.

Elizabeth & Daniel...a little PG (they were our substitutes since my brother Carl had to cancel last minute.)  You guys were real troopers!  Thank you!!!

The girls!

It was such a fun night.  All the prizes were couple related and for dessert they guys made sundaes to share with their dates.  Congrats to Kelly & Karla for winning Most Buncos.  (Sorry tried your hardest.  I'm thinking it just wasn't in the cards...err dice...for you to win that coveted prize.  Maybe next time!)

**Okay, that's all my blogging for now.  Thanks for reading all the way to the end.  Even if you did just look at the pictures!!!