Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitchen remodel (update.3)

Holy crap-ola I almost have a kitchen!!! :)  My mom was awesome enough to stay almost 10 hours at my house last Thursday and got the entire kitchen painted. (I only had to touch up a few spots...I guess I'm better at painting a straight line.) Once the paint was all done, Joe did his final touches on the electrical and then we started putting cabinets together!! Joe and I (yes, I participated) put together the tall cabinet next to the fridge on Friday night. It took us ALL night!! I guess this cabinet is "supposed" to be a swinging door cabinet, but Joe wanted it to pull out like 1 big drawer. So since it isn't manufactured that way, we had to create it. We had all the parts..just needed the engineering. We finally got it put together and the rest has been easy, just time consuming. Here are a few pictures I took this evening. All the wall cabinets are up and Joe is currently working on the base cabinets. **We had a slight snag in the cabinet above the microwave...something about Joe's measurements or IKEA's website, but the cabinet came an inch too long. (According to my mom, the wall shrunk...haha...inside joke.) Anyway, Joe said he could 'fabricate' it and make it work. Its actually in place now, but he's still working on the doors. Have any of you been to IKEA and seen the "soft" close doors & drawers? If you haven't, you NEED too. I should take a video of it, but all our cabinet doors & drawers have this soft close feature. Basically, you CANNOT slam anything shut. It stops itself and the shuts softly. Its pretty cool!!  YAY! My kitchen it almost complete - check it out!!!


 There is the tall cabinet that took forever! It'll be nice when we have the hardware on it, so I can pull it out!

 Joe did all that hard work by himself!

 Here's the cabinet above the microwave in progress. Should have doors soon.

 I'm excited for this wall because I think we're going to put up a 2-top breakfast nook table!

Here are the different wall colors. The light grey is on the 2 walls with cabinets. I wish there was more of a contrast, but we can always paint the dark wall darker. It'll be a quick fix. We're going to wait until all the cabinets are in to take a look.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kitchen remodel (update.2)

Alright I apologize for some repeats (all are on facebook) but its has come to my attention there are few not on facebook that would like to see the kitchen progress. I will try and get those up to speed.

The last I posted was of the framing. Here are the pictures of before & during sheet rock.


And the beginning of sheet rock. (This was the LONGEST process of the all)

Now the mudding & sanding...ugh left the rest of my house SO DUSTY!!

Above is us ripping up the existing linoleum
Below is the cool texture on the ceiling

Sheet rock is done, paint in the laundry room finished. 
Now here are doors, shelves, base and FLOORS!

My -almost- finished laundry room!

New linen closet! YAY!

Here is the recessed/open closet behind the door

And the vinyl/tile we got for free!

Our kitchen as of 4/18/11
Flooring done and primed

Closet under the stairs

Joe did ALL the tiling. Now my mom is painting the kitchen this week and we pick up cabinets, counter-tops and appliances TOMORROW!!