Thursday, February 25, 2010

My very own Eee!

I got my very own netbook!! Joe and I bought a netbook just over a year ago (an Asus Eee Pc) and we fight over it constantly. I felt like a teenager who has to "share" computer time with siblings. We've almost come to a "time limit" policy. How sad is that?

After talking much about getting an actual laptop or upgrading our desktop computer, we decided another netbook was all we needed. After only 1 day of shopping around, Joe went out and bought a netbook tonight....and its PINK!!!! He bought it just for me! Now we each have our own and we don't have to fight over usage time!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the netbooks. They are smaller versions of laptops - folded up they are about the size 8"x11" piece of paper. Its portable just like a laptop, not as fast as one, but has all the same features and perks. The one Joe bought for me is actually 2 upgrades from our older netbook and comes with Windows 7!!! How lucky am I??

Blogging, facebooking and photoshop is all I mainly do and now I don't have to share!

Thank you to Joe for giving me my own personal computer. I appreciate the fact that the "new" one is especially for me [hence the pink color]. Instead of keeping it for yourself, you gave up the upgraded version and Windows 7 all for me... it must be love!!

Happy Thrusday!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Disco Fever!!

We were invited to celebrate a friends 40th Birthday - Disco style!!!

Unfortunately 90% of the pictures from the party didn't turn out, so I only have a few. But we definitely got into character and had a great time. Joe is the best when it comes to costume parties. He goes all out and always seems to take home the "best costume" prize. Tonight it was a big solid chocolate pair of lips! Haha, just what we need!!

Here are a few pictures. What a great pair we make! It was a great party.

Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for including us in your celebration.
We love you Paul & Lynda!!

He looks so good!!

-Disco Paul & Disco Lynda-

Singing "Happy Birthday"

What a great night!!

And don't forget the cake!!