Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woes of management

Wow, I've been managing my salon for just over 2 weeks now and I'm started to 2nd guess my decision. Management is so hard!! So many responsibilities - so many problems to deal with. Did I make the right choice?

Its been such a learning experience for me. I've already had to let one person go, hold a monthly meeting and I've had 3 "manager to stylist" chats. Its just so uncomfortable sometimes and I'm taking work home with me. I think Joe knows just as much as I do about what goes on in that place.

I do love being back in Riverton. Don't get me wrong. Plus it's a promotion for crying out loud. Its a good thing and definitely a good step in my career. But I'm thinking I might not be cut out for management. I'm emotional. I'm a push-over and I care too much. I need to learn that "tough love" my managers always had. I need to acquire that intimidating feeling I always had for my previous managers. Do they sell that online? Can I purchase courage? Subordination? The Wrath of Erica Black? Instead of gaining new personality traits or work ethic, can I just buy them or borrow from someone else?

This is really hard for me. I'm not sure I can overcome this obstacle in my way. I want to run a successful salon and have kick butt stylists that are yearning to further their careers. I want my cake - and I want to eat it too.

Its still a work in progress - I've only been there 2 weeks. But man I'm stressed out. I had my nails done, just so I'd stop munching on them. I'm full of anxiety!?!

On a positive note, I started working out to alleviate some of my stress. I might actually lose some weight with all this chaos.....could be a good thing. Take out all my anger and irritation on a treadmill. (or Andee's exercise bike!! Thank you Smalls!!)

Along with my big purchase of "management material" online, can I buy some perspective too?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Robbed, aggrivated, violated...etc

So much for my toast to the new year! Joes truck was broken into last night. His work truck - full of work tools, keys and whole bunch of other elevator related items. ALL WERE TAKEN!!

I'm upset right now. Joe's worse and I don't even want to know his boss' reaction!! We both feel so violated. We live in such a great neighborhood...or so we thought!! There is an apartment complex at the end of our street that is a little questionable and a neighbor that doesn't take care of his yard...but other than that, its so quiet here.

We did have an incident about 2 months ago. There were 4 cars on the street with broken windows...Joe's truck being one of them. After talking to the police and hearing the other cases, it sounded like a group of kids going up the street busting windows on all the cars parked on the street. Kids are kids. Stupid kids, but a windows a window. Not a huge hardship and easy to replace. But breaking the locks and taking everything out of the truck bed - that's a different story!!

Ewww! I'm angry. What jerk did this to us? Sure insurance will cover most of the valuables, but my heart is sore. Our sweet neighborhood, isn't as innocent as I had thought. We are surrounded by the elderly and older couples whose kids have grown. No one I would ever accuse of stealing. Guess I trust people too much. Or it could just be someone wandering through our cozy neighborhood. The perfect spot for a naive victim. They found us!

I don't know what we're going to do now. Joe's truck has been vandalized twice in the 4 months we've been here. Is it just part of life? Were we just extremely lucky in years past to have never experienced something like this? Do I just except the fact that there are slum people surrounding me and just get over it? much for a "great" 2009. Its been a "great" start... :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yeah for 2009!

I'm so excited for this new year! I'm not sure, exactly, why...its just another year. But the beginning of the year is always a fresh start and the beginning of new experiences. I just love that!

We brought in the new year with a bang. And I mean a bang from the Rockband drums!! :) We had plans for new years with some friends, but at the last minute - literally - 70% of our friends bailed. LAME!! So instead of going to Geoff's parents house to party it up, we had him over for some killer Rockband!! We had a lot of fun - playing all the way up to 3:30AM!!! In fact we almost missed midnight. We were in the middle of a song set and finished right when the clock struck 12:00. We hurried and switch the TV to cable to watch the ball drop, but we missed it and only saw the people in NYC celebrating. Bummer. But it was a kick butt song set and totally worth it! We're pathetic!!!!

Now the holidays are over and we're back in to the swing of things. I started my new position as manager, on Friday the 2nd. Its been really cool so far. I've only worked 2 days and was crazy busy re-organizing things. I see so much potential in that salon and I hope everything goes smoothly. Yeah right! ;)

Happy New Year to all!! We're pumped up for all the great things that 2009 has in store for us. Like Andee said last night, "we bought a house in 2008; what could happen in 2009 to top that?" Good question...but I'm anxious!!