Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I saw this on my friend Joy's blog and I like the idea of doing it, especially during this month of "Thanks." Plus I haven't blogged in a long time and I thought, whats better than posting about the things I'm grateful for to bring my blog current than this? So here goes...

“Count your blessings” is simple to the point of stupid — and powerful to the point of life-altering. Gratitude, that very specific feeling of thankfulness in your heart, allows you to see and absorb all you have, forgetting for a moment all you may lack. It connects your brain with your heart, and gives you the ground to be a more giving, effective, loving human. Being grateful allows generosity to flow. And many believe it also makes us more receptive—as in, the more you love what you have, the more you get what you want. So herewith, a list to remind you of fundamental things to be grateful for every day—from apples to clouds to ice cream to getting enough nightly Zzz’s.

A - Avie, Andee, Aunts
B - Beauty School, Blogs, Blankie, Brittany
C - Camera, Companionship, Communication
D - Dad, Date nights, Dee
E - Ella, Elizabeth, Elevators, Enterprise
F - Friendships, Freedom, FAMILY, Football
G - Girls night out, Grandparents, Goals
H - HAIR, Health, Home, Homeopathic medicine
I - Internet, Imagination, Ideas
J - My favorite JB's. Joe Black, Judy Brady & Joy Bailey!
K - Kalie, Karma, Kindess
L - Love, Laughter, the Lopez's
M - Marriage, Mom, Movie nights, Music
N - Nancy, Nieces & Nephews, Naps
O - Optimism, Online banking, Old friends
P - Penny, Patience, Principles
Q - Quiet time, Questions, Quicken software
R - REFERRALS, Robyn, Random acts of kindness
S - Sisters, Security, Singing
T - Taco soup, Teachers, Technology
U - Understanding, Uniqueness, Uncles
V - Validation, Values
W - 'Word of Mouth,' Work, Wiener dogs!
X - eXcitement, X-rays, eXercise
Y - Youngest sister Jessica, Yards
Z - Zzz's, Ziploc bags 

Alright, who's gonna take this challenge next?