Friday, October 29, 2010

New phone!! Finally!!

Okay everyone, after a whole week without my Blackberry, I finally received my replacement in the mail. Its the new Samsung Epic which is a 4G smartphone. I'm pretty excited about it - and its SO MUCH smarter than I am...lots of learning to do!!

Anyway, I'm back to my old number (The 712 one) so for those who need me, you now know where to find me.


**Side note: I've been absolutely pathetic. No internet access outside of my home, no texting, no contact list, no games...NOTHING! It's really sad that my smartphone plays such a big part in my life. Technology is as comforting as a sweatshirt on a cold day, or a nice warm bed ready for you to crawl into. I feel complete.

Like I said...SO PATHETIC!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phone number

I dropped my phone into a gigantic water puddle, on our last day in Disneyland, yesterday. Its destroyed!! I tried to rice trick, but unfortunately I didn't have rice available until many hours it was too late.

Of course I don't have insurance - duh me! - but lucky enough for me, my plan expires next Thursday, so I can get a new phone in a week!!! And for the time being, I just have a silly "pay as you go" phone, so I can keep in contact with the world.

My blackberry turns on every now and then, so I'm hoping to get some of my old information off of it, but it never stays on long enough to make a call or send a message. Bummer. It can still receive calls and I'll be checking my voicemail periodically, but here is my temporary number in case you need to get a hold of me over the next week.

**edited - I originally put a "9" but found out its a "4" Sorry for the confusion

I know I'm putting this out there for all to see, but its only a temporary phone number. (my new phone will keep my other number active) But I know some clients of mine and friends read this blog and I wanted to make sure you knew where to find me.

Thanks all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Junkyard Treasures

More amateur photos!!! We're still on vacation, but yesterday was a day spent with Joe's parents outside Rosamond, CA. the middle of nowhere. About 15 outside of Lancaster/Palmdale...which is 55 minutes North of Burbank....which is 35 miles North of Long Beach. Basically, we flew into the wrong airport. We should have flown into Burbank - would've saved us 30+ mins of driving. Ugh - it was awful.

Anyway, Joe's dad is living on a 5 acre lot that used to be COVERED in junk. Okay, well it still is, but they are in the process of cleaning everything & clearing it all out. They are making great head-way because you can actually walk around the yard without tripping or having to climb up something.

It was hot, Joe was forced to lay sod with his dad - on HIS vacation - and I tried my hardest to entertain myself. So, I grabbed my little "point & shoot" Nikon Coolpix camera and went on a treasure hunt. It was amazing to stumble across so many random things. Here are some photos of my "treasures." Some editing has been done, but I'm still on vacation and without "serious" editing time, so they'll do for now. But enjoy - I sure had a good time.

**side note: These items were not "posed." They were photographed exactly how they were found.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're going to.....

D I S N E Y L A N D ! !

We were finally able to plan a "getaway weekend" for our anniversary. Its going to be a short trip, only 4 days, but we're excited!! We fly into Long Beach late Friday night, then we'll drive to Rosamond, CA for the night & spend Saturday with Joe's dad & step mom. Then Saturday night we'll drive to Anaheim and spend Sunday, Monday & Tuesday in Disneyland!!! We we'll be flying back to SLC late Tuesday night. So like I said, a short trip, but it will be well worth it. (This will be our first time, in 9 years together, where we'll be outside of Utah BY OURSELVES!! What a great/romantic trip this should be.)

Just a few more days to get through until the vacation starts. Oh the joys of working before time always drags. I can't wait to post pictures and tell ya'll how much fun we had.

Yay for quick getaways! Perfect way to spend 5 years of marriage!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

He makes my heart SUPER happy!

I had a wonderful evening with my little nephew Jesse.

Joe and my bro-in-law Jesse having been watching every movie Clint Eastwood has EVER made, in chronological order...that's a whole other blog, let me tell you! Haha. Anyway, tonight they set up to watch "Escape from Alcatraz" so Kalie & little Jesse came over as well.

Unfortunately its hard for the guys to really enjoy the movie with us girls are chatting and a 4 1/2 year old is running & yelling about, so I made plans for some hardcore entertainment for this kid.

First, aprons on! We made brownies!! I now know what its like baking with a little kid. Mix powder went everywhere, licking the spoon is a necessity and he has to do everything himself! He did great. Even cracked the egg with NO shells in the batter!

While the brownies were cookin' I had him make a "Halloween" gingerbread house. I bought these kits from Wal-Mart, houses already made, they're just for decorating (which is the best part anyway!)

We had a little too much fun being creative and messy. I think Jesse ate more frosting and sugary treats than he actually put on the house. Oh well, we had a good time. His mom, Kalie was there to help him too.

Then it was brownie time!!! He wanted to make them "Halloween" as well, so with a thin layer of chocolate syrup, we sprinkled Halloween on top! Yes, these brownies were 100% sugar!!! Actually eating the brownies was a whole other story...he didn't eat any of it! It was the process that made it fun.

Here are a few pictures from tonight. I kept him entertained as long as I could. He was about to pop in a "Halloween" movie, The Night Before Christmas, but it was getting late and his parents wanted to head home. But I did let him borrow the movie, so he can continue the "Halloween" night when he gets home.

What a great night. All "Halloween" themed and the holiday is still 28 days away. We're getting excited though!!!

Thanks Kalie & Jesse for coming over and letting me hang with the little man. He's great fun and he really does make my heart SUPER happy!! xoxox

He was concentrating pretty hard!

He is showing me is "Attoo" he got earlier in the day

I got the broken house. I tried to repair it with icing. Couldn't fix the whole roof though...

This is the front "good" side

Our back "messy" side!

Our SUGAR brownies

What a wonderful evening!!!