Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anyone else?

I swear there is something going around. Or maybe we are just passing it amongst ourselves. But our poor Chihuahua is sick with Kennel Cough; has been for the past week. Its just sad to hear him cough! He's on 3 different medications, now he seems to be getting worse...back to the vet we go.

Joe said Sunday he's feeling sick. Kinda cold-like symptoms. He's groggy & congested all the time, but is working 12hr days all week long. He went to bed real early tonight, hopefully he won't get much worse.

And now Lucas, my wiener dog, is starting to show signs of something. Real lethargic, no appetite and gross pus coming out of one of his eyes. I'm thinking it could be allergies in his case, but I'm not vet.

What the H? I guess it'll come my way as well...I just have to wait for the inevitable.

Andee and Kelly recently had something similar going on. Rosie, the new dog, was sick, then Kittie got sick, then Kelly and then Andee. But they've been back to full health for almost a week now.

I'm pulling out the hand-sanitizer and popping some vitamin-C. I'm not getting sick! I refuse!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I guess its my turn now.

4 random things about my husband
1. Joe has major ADD
2. He is constantly worrying about me
3. He enjoys watching chick flicks with me - but won't admit it
4. He IS the most random person I know

4 movies I could watch more than once
1. The American President
2. Juno
3. Adventures In Babysitting
4. The Secret Garden

4 TV shows I watch
1. Heroes
2. Fringe
3. Dancing with thr Stars
4. America's Next Top Model

4 places I've been
2. Mexico
3. Idaho
4. Florida

4 people who email me regularly
1. Kalie
2. Andee
3. John Saul fan site
4. Borders

4 places I would like to visit
1. New York
2. London
3. Venice
4. Prague

4 things I am looking forward to this year
1. Nov 4th - can't wait for the election to be over!!
2. Thanksgiving
3. Desert Star Christmas Play
4. Christmas

4 people to tag
1. Elizabeth
2. Amanda Turko
3. Charise
4. Chandra

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Bunco

Our family has created our own Bunco group. We have a party every other month and we each take turns hosting it. This month was my brother Carl's turn. Of course with it being October, they wanted to make it a Halloween theme - complete with costumes. Not only were there Bunco prizes (as always) but there was a special prize for best costume. We had a fun night with our family and of course we all walked away winners...except for my brother Chad. He's always a loser! :) Here are some photo's of all the costumes.

Andee & Kelly's costume...a little R-rated, but they were a ball sack
Kalie & Jesse were gansters!
Chad & Amanda were a gangster with his flapper
My mom & Kelly were Fred & Wilma - complete with bowling ball!!
Carl & Amanda were Lil' Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf
And we were the Farmer & his Wife. Joe made the frame and I made the apron. We had everything else! Look at the comparison. I think we did pretty good!!

We had such a great time and Carl & Amanda were wonderful hosts. We had bread bowls, halloween pasta salad and Monkey brains for dessert. It was a lot of fun! Plus Joe and I WON BEST COSTUME!! I mainly think it was because of Joe's dedication. He shaved his head just for this party. What a great receeding hairline! Thanks for the trophy guys, its up on our entertainment center for all to see! We had a great time!!!

And here is us...with our trophy!!

10-19-05 -- Happy 3 years!!

Today Joe and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for 3 years already. We had a weekend planned to celebrate, but decided to spend our money elsewhere. Joe needed new tires for his car and I needed a new phone...okay I didn't NEED a new phone, I just wanted one. Those were the gifts we decided to get each other. So cheers to 4 new tires on the Nova for Joe and a Treo 800 for Erica! What great gifts and they're much better than a $200/night room & a $100 dinner. We more materialistic people I guess. I'd rather have a phone that works than a bed & breakfast stay where we'll sleep...most of the time and Joe would rather have safe tires on his precious "Destiny" than a 18oz steak that will probably make him sick the next day. That's us!! :)

Actually Joe and I have been together for 7 years today. We share our wedding anniversary with our very first date! He asked me to hang out with his friends and I timidly said yes, 7 years ago!! He took me to a yuppy-pizza place downtown called Stoneground. I got to meet "The Gang." (where I was the only girl present...talk about an awkward first date) It was kind of like meeting his parents for the first time. We were young and his friends opinion of me was something I cared about. Apparently I made a good impression because 3 weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend! Yeah me! And the rest is history.

We had a good weekend, last night we went out to dinner with our roommates, Andee & Kelly. We went to our FAVORITE restaurant Bonsai and had steak, chicken and sushi! Nothing compares to Bonsai food! Then we came home and sat around a fire in our backyard and laughed our way into exhaustion.

Bonsai helped us celebrate with ice cream and this "take-home-photo" of our group

Now today, being our actual anniversary, I've probably spent about 30 minutes with Joe. Him and Kelly have been chopping down a tree ALL day...Andee is going to blog about that later. And now here I am; online ordering pizza and blogging. Ahhh the bliss of love and celebrating our commitment to each other. I guess we celebrate in our own ordinary way!

Well I'm off to get pizza! Happy Anniversary Joe! I'm so happy we found each other so long ago. We've been through a lot together and I can't wait for all the adventures we still have to come. You are a wonderful husband and the best friend I could ever ask for. You are constantly making me laugh and help me enjoy the most out of life. I know it sounds cliche, but you really do make me a better person. You keep me sane - anyone who can do that, must be a godsend. I love you truly and deeply. Happy 3 years!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay for Scentsy!!

First off, I love Elizabeth, my new Scentsy Consultant!! Scentsy is my favorite home-aroma-smelly-good stuff ever! I just placed an order on her oh-so-easy website (which is: www.scentsy.com/elizabethr by the way) I'm so excited because I haven't ordered since before the summer, so there are plenty of new scents for me to try. I picked some Autumn/Wintery smells to get me excited for the upcoming holiday season.

It just always makes me feel so good, to walk in to a room full of sweet aroma. It makes me feel clean, calm and happy. I have loved Scentsy for over a year, thanks to my mom for introducing it to my life. And now that my best buddy Elizabeth sells it; it just makes it that much more exciting!!

I'm encouraging everyone to buy some for this fall season. Before you know it, its going to be Christmas time. The leaves are almost gone and I still want to enjoy this time of year before its over and snow is here!! With my new scents - I can do that!!! Of course I want you to buy from my friend Elizabeth (see site above) but even if you don't, got to scentsy.com just to check out their products. Its a wickless candle - no soot, flame or smoke. ITS WONDERFUL!! They have car fresher, plug-ins and sprays - so much to choose from! (And if you do order, I have a personal list of the scents I've tried and want to try, so if you need advice - just ask!!)

Okay, this is my shout out to Elizabeth! Congrats on the new job that you are bringing into my life. It makes things so much easier and pleasant for me! THANK YOU, you are wonderful!! I just placed a big order today and I think my mom is placing one too! I can't wait for that package in the mail!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, the Weezer concert has come and gone...and I was not there to see it. It's my own fault for not buying a ticket. Since Joe doesn't like them, I knew I would have had to find someone to go with. I'm sure I could've bribed somebody to be my date but to save the hassle, I just didn't purchase tickets. BUMMER!!!

If you read my blog a few weeks ago, you would know that Joe's buddy had an extra ticket. (Meant for his wife - who also doesn't like the band) He told me that if his wife decided not to go, I would get dibs. He called me Monday, just to make sure I'd be available... I guess at the last minute she decied to go, because I didn't get a phone call Tuesday night.

Guess I'll just have to make sure I purchase tickets next time.

It wasn't so Chris, it wasn't so.