Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its here!

Its that time again - Football is finally here!!!

I'm so excited for all the lazy Sundays, snack foods and time with Joe. Something about not having anywhere to be, staying in comfy clothes all day and crisp weather outside!! This is my favorite time of year. (And falling asleep to the sound of commentators, spectators cheering and whistles! It can put me into the best nap ever!)

I dabbled in Fantasy Football last year. Mainly because my friend Brandon's league needed 1 more person and my sister Kalie also got suckered into it. Unfortunately the day they had the draft, I had to work, so I sent Joe to start picking for me until I could get there. Well luckily for me Joe did his homework and new the right players and all the dark horses. Even after I showed up, he continued to pick my entire team!! (Joe was in another FF league with his friends) The season was good for me, but I left the playoffs after only the first round. :( I had all the right players, but unfortunately luck was never on my side. It gave me a good perspective though. Learning about each player, their stats & history. Plus I came to the realization that "projected" points mean absolutely NOTHING! But all and all, I got my feet wet and couldn't wait to start playing again this year!

Joe decided to start his own league this year. (He didn't see eye to eye with a few people on his league last year and one of the weeks I smashed my opponent, only to find out he was in jail and was therefore unable to change around his players to actually compete with me. In jail?!?!? Who was I on a league with!?!?) This year our league includes many friends and family members. Thankfully the possibility of one of them heading to jail is a lot more unlikely!! Each week will be a good match up! Plus we decided to put in a little pot of money - to make things more interesting!!

**However, I should mention that as I type this, my team is getting hammered by my dad's "Really Buff Dudes." Of course with "projected" points, I was already planning on losing, but man did he kill me. And the games aren't even over yet! :(

Oh well, I still have 16 more weeks to go!

Happy Football Season to you all! Sorry to all the Football widows that lose their husbands every Sunday & Monday night. Luckily I love watching and listening to the games, so I can join in on all the fun too!

Go Shear Crazies! (my team name - Shears, hence my profession and Crazies because you know "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" *Such team spirit!) I'm hoping my team makes it to the final round of the playoffs this year - wish me luck!

Happy Touchdowns, Field Goals, Fumbles, Sacks and Hail Mary's to you all!!!