Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Moffitt!!!

This post has taken forever to get up - many computer problems. But I literally have 1 minute before today is over and this HAS to post. Errors and all.

Today is my friend Elizabeth's birthday. The big 25!! I just wanted to put together a blog as a tribute to her and our friendship over the past five years. And of course, I have pictures!!

Elizabeth and I met in beauty school and were a hit from the very beginning. Our friendship has outlasted every single one of our beauty school friends. (I only remember a select few!) Beauty school was a blast on its own, but Elizabeth really made it overly exciting. We were also friends with another Elizabeth, so with two Elizabeth's around I had to uncomplicate things and I started calling this Elizabeth by her last name, Moffitt.  Most of my family STILL call her that, even though she is now married and never uses her maiden name. In fact I think there are a few in my family that don't know her real name - my bad! Although I've tried to get rid of that habit, I'll always know this sweet woman as Moffitt.

Man we had some good times in school.  Many lunches on Saturdays at Chili's (where we became Soda Sisters), many theory classes we slept through or never made it to because we couldn't get out of bed!! Many hours of goofing around when we should have been perming those mannequins! Plus all the jokes and laughter we had with fellows students and our favorite instructors, Ruby and Myra. 

Although we lost a few friends after we moved on from school. Liz, Amber and Grace...bummer. I stole Moffitt away from Grace...and let's just say she wasn't too "gracious" about it! Hee hee. We still have good memories.  Like this picture was taken at my surprise engagment celebration. These girls made breakfast for me to celebrate my engagement, although I didn't notice the big sign CONGRATULATIONS ERICA & JOE hanging on the wall for almost 30 mintues!!! I was a little dense.  But here we are, playing with the camera. 

Here is Liz, Moffitt, Amber and Me! We always had such a good time.

Elizabeth was also there for me when I was planning my wedding. Dress shopping, cake tasting, reception center hunting. She was fabulous!! She was my right hand man and really got me through the tough decisions. Nancy, Elizabeth and I had such a blast with all the little details. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Elizabeth!! Even though it wasn't your job or your duty, you never complained when I wanted to talk wedding stuff and gush about how excited I was. You were just amazing!!

Here we are on my special day! Man we've changed since then!

And these are my girls. Ciara, Chandra and Elizabeth. They took me out to breakfast before my wedding.

Over the course of our friendship, she has really become a part of my family as well. Either I pick good friends or my family is just freakin' awesome, because they've always excepted my friends like family. Chandra, Ciara and now Moffitt have just fit right in with my family. All the bridal showers, baby showers, fiestas or just for fun, they've always been included. Here are a few of our famous self portraits!

This is us at Andee's bridal shower

Midnight showing of Twilight!

On my birthday at the tattoo place

We have changed so much over the past 5 years, but we've stayed such close friends. I can only hope our friendship just continues and continues. We meet for lunch every Monday and continue our Chili's tradition from back in beauty school. I love our Monday adventures. Chili's and ROSS!!  Plus we've shared friends as well. I've come to know all of her childhood friends and I've been lucky enough to be included in their lives as well. Weddings, birthdays, girl outings. They are a lot of fun and I'm excited I get to share them too.

Well Elizabeth, I hope you know how much I love you. I can't tell you how many times you have been there for me...even just listening. Which you do A LOT of, because I'm always gabbing!! Thank you for being such a great friend. We've had some good times for sure.

Happy birthday friend. I hope you had fun at the Bee's game with everyone and I hope you enjoyed your day. I can't wait to celebrate with you on our Monday. LOVE YA!!!