Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hail to the turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope this holiday finds you all well and celebrating with loved ones. Joe and I have been celebrating with his dad and mine. We started the day in Magna with his parents, to watch the parade and eat a yummy homemade breakfast. Thanks Bill & Sharon for having us over.

Now we are over at my dad & Nancy's anxiously awaiting the delicious feast. Joe and I missed the fireworks this morning; apparently Nancy's oven caught fire and she had to move all the food prep to her moms for cooking. There was no severe damage to the house and no one was hurt. But dinner @ 3:00 has been pushed back. Its 5 now and I think we'll be eating soon. Not even a fire could keep us from this hefty feast! Nancy and Grandma Shirley are amazing and even with a fire, will still create the best thanksgiving dinner anyone has ever enjoyed. These are tough ladies and I appreciate their dedication.

This has been a low key holiday for us. The rest of my family is out of town camping. I love you Kalie, Andee & Mom!! I miss you guys and your families and I'm sad we are apart this holiday. At least we'll have Christmas together! Be safe and have a good one!!

Love to all!!!! Have a wonderful holiday and remember to give thanks. Appreciate the people around you and the things you normally take for granted. With the way the economy is right now, it has only helped increase my appreciation the life, both Joe and I, lead. We are very fortunate and I will continue to stay positive and grateful.

Be safe everyone and happy turkey day!!!

Love, Erica (and Joe)

Monday, November 24, 2008

My voice

Andee, Kalie and Elizabeth have all posted about Twilight. Its been 4 days since we went to the opening night showing and I couldn't decided whether or not I was going to dedicate an entire blog entry to this movie. Most of you have read the other girls reviews and mine falls somewhere in between. So, I'm not going to waste time writing about it.

I'm just going to say it was worth seeing once...(not twice...sorry Andee, it sucked) I'm sure if they continue to make movies based on the book, I'll go see them as well. But I doubt I'll own it and I doubt I'll read up on movies "in the works." It was a silly adaptation...however I did enjoy parts of it.

See it least once, just so you can see what the hype was about. But be careful who you bring it up in conversation with. I have now learned that I can't express my opinion with clients at work. It has become similar to politics. A no-no in my profession. People get heated...either way. Whether they hate it vs. like it...or Edward fan vs. Jacob. It can be a blood bath.

2 1/2 stars from me. If my voice matters.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We didn't have to say goodbye!

So yesterday was Edison's dreadful Vet appointment. First off, he's still with us. Thankfully we were able to bring him home. When we got to the vet, we had to enter through the back door and go straight into an examining room; apparently they take no risks with Kennel Cough and they don't want to expose any other animals in the waiting room. Anyway, the Vet examined Edison and listened to his breathing. After not hearing any Kennel Cough-like symptoms in his lungs, they decided to take an x-ray of his lungs and heart. Long story short, but 2 x-rays, a blood test and inhaler experiments later, we found out that Edison no longer has Kennel Cough and isn't contagious - thank heavens!! However since he was coughing for so long, his respiratory system is shot. The "filters" in his breathing canal are broken and are not filtering the air or the mucus he is trying to cough up. So we've got more meds that will help repair the damage and suppress his cough so it won't get worse.

The Vet says it isn't serious enough to put him down. So we're trying a research medication for suppressing his cough. (The Vet gave us that medicine for free...gee thanks...after already spending nearly $200 in just that visit, I appreciate that free $15 drug!?!?!) Anyway things are looking good for Edison. The Vet says there is hope and that's all I needed to hear!!

It was an emotional day. Both Joe and I had prepared ourselves for the worst. And once we got there and found out that he isn't serious enough to be put down, I started bawling... uncontrollably!! Its so hard to prepare yourself for something and then find out that it isn't going to happen any time soon. Its a good thing, of course, but I was an emotional wreck.

An interesting note, for those who care enough to still be reading this, in the x-rays, we found a BB-bullet in his muscle tissue on his right side. That's right a BB. Somewhere, somehow Edison was shot with a BB gun. It's long since been healed, so I'm sure it was 10 or so years ago...but it was interesting to find out. With all that's going on, he is living with a bullet in his rib muscle. Go figure.

But thank you to everyone for you kind words. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and your prayers. Edison is like a child to us and it's been an emotional roller coaster. I was amazed by all the response. You guys are all so kind and made me feel great. Its wonderful to have all that support! THANK YOU!!!

Here's hoping Edison lives another year!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Edison

My heart is so heavy today. Our poor Edison is still sick. Although the rest of us have gotten over the bug that was plaguing our house, Ed has not yet recovered. We are taking him in the the Vet this Friday. They advised us to bring him back if the meds weren't enough. The Vet also warned us, that with his age, he might not recover and we'll have to "put him down." So that's what we're going to do. Take him back to the Vet, to see if there are any signs of hope.

Edison has been so sick, it just makes me hurt. When he coughs, his whole body quivers and you just know he is in so much pain. He coughs, all day, everyday and its been going on for almost 3 weeks. I feel bad that we've let him go this long. But Edison is very old; almost 18 human years and he just doesn't have the strength nor the immune system to get better.

We aren't sure how Edison got Kennel Cough, but it is ultimately taking his life. He was Joe's childhood dog, so naturally, Joe is having a tough time. I've been snapping photos of Ed, so we'll have a few for memories. He may not have to be "put down" just yet but unfortunately the odds are against him. He is in pain and we don't want him to suffer anymore.

Its going to be tough this weekend. Our appt is after work Friday at 5:00, so Joe will have the weekend to recover. Wish us luck and say a prayer for our little guy. We can only hope for the best.