Monday, December 27, 2010

Photography Blog

Well I've decided to create another blog, strictly for pictures. I was lucky enough to get a Canon Rebel camera for Christmas, which means I'll be taking pictures MORE frequently, since I don't have to borrow my dads.

I'm excited to start playing around with the camera and learn everything about lighting, posing, focusing...etc.

So if you'd like to follow up on that blog as well as The Black Spot, please add:
to your blog reels.

Much love!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blog much?

Looking at my Blog Archives, I'm noticing that this post marks my 23rd pots in 2010.

What's weird, is that in 2009, I wrote 45 posts and in 2008, 40 posts.


2010, by far has been more exciting than '09 or '08, but for some reason I hadn't felt the need to blog about it.

This year is drawing to a close and I'm finding myself reflecting over everything I chose not to mention. I did decide to send out Christmas cards this year, nixing the year synopsis. Its just photos - simple, ya know. But looking over the last year and all the things we've done, I really didn't take time to document everything. I did recollect each vacation/trip we went on, photography has become a big hobby this year and I did post about holidays.... but what else?

Joe's still with Carson Elevator; hit his 5 year mark at the first of December. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in October - hence the California trip. I'm going to mark 2 years of management January 2nd, 2011 and 5 years with Smart Style this March. We still live in "Villa de Nelda" or "The Blackstroms." We've been here 2 years and love it - we're looking forward to many 'upgrade' projects next year. This house needs some fixing up! Andee & Kelly had their twins and I can't get enough of them. Shopping for them, playing, helping change diapers, feeding or getting them ready for bed. I just love having them right upstairs. Lets see, Joe bought his '87 Chevy truck earlier this year...and that's been fun. Spent more money fixing it up than we originally paid for it. Yay...not! I didn't keep up with my New Year's resolution to read more. I made it to April and gave up on the extra free time. I just don't have it anymore - Sorry C! I'm still watching my nephew Jesse on Mondays (Most months, just one Monday a month) but we have fun. Endless cartoons, transformer toys, lunch with "Eliz-bit" and shopping at the blue store. He cracks me up and I enjoy my one-on-one time with him.

Okay, well that sums up all the things I didn't post about.

I can't believe what a disappointing "blog" year it has been. Oh well, I guess thats why my obsession with Facebook has increased. The instant connection, conversations and jokes are far more entertaining I guess.

I have a resolution for 2011 already - BLOG MORE!

Happy Holidays everyone - and thank you for continuing to blog...even though I've been lacking..I do love reading though!!!

Much love.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmas photo shoot (edited)

Again I played with my dad's camera and pretended to be a professional! I wanted to take some silly photos of the girls for Andee's Christmas card. (We're going to be taking some others later this weekend with all the Snow grandkids in their Sunday best. That should be fun as well)

But anyway, here's a look case you haven't seen them on Andee's blog or on Facebook already. Much love!!









Merry Christmas from Avie & Ella

***Okay, I played around in photoshop & to make the photos more vintage looking. Too much fun.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookie party!

Joe and I were invited to a "couples" dinner party this past Saturday. Unfortunately it was the same night as Joe's work Christmas party...ugh! I was so torn! Luckily Joe's party started at 5 and ended at 7, and the dinner party started until 6. So we only missed the "dinner" part of the party, and made it in time for the activity.

It turned out to be a great night, even though we missed the important part. My friend Lynda, the host, bought a few dozen sugar cookies from a local bakery and we all brought toppings to decorate them with. Sounds a little silly with a bunch of adults...Joe and I were the youngest couple, by almost 12 years...but it really was fun! Lynda purchased all "Christmas" shapes and colored frostings. We all brought candies, sprinkles and sparkles to add to them. We all sat at a round table, brainstormed decorating ideas, talked, talked and talked!!!

Here are a few pictures:

The top 2 are Joe's. He was more in to visiting, than decorating.


My OCD kicked in big time. I spent about 10 minutes on each cookie...I think I decorated the most too. Everyone had had enough after about 3 or 4 cookies, but I just kept going! And of course we were all in a sugar coma. Working with sweets, you just HAVE to dabble and taste everything!!!

We ended up visiting until almost midnight. Lynda & Paul are such great friends and getting to know their other friends, was a lot of fun. There were stories, jokes and so much laughter!! Great way to kick off the Christmas party season!

I can't wait for more holiday get-togethers!! I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!