Thursday, January 28, 2010

Escape by Carolyn Jessop

I just finished "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop. It was the first choice in my newly gathered book club. (okay its a book duo...thank you Ciara!!) We finished last week and had breakfast to talk about it on Tuesday. It really was a good book; definitely an eye opener. To read first hand about the FLDS culture and the harsh ways of their religion was jaw dropping.

The book is based on the life of Carolyn and her escape from the FLDS. She married a powerful man in the community and had 8 children. She tells stories of brutality and unfair treatment from her sister wives. Plus she recounts the moments of absolute power of the infamous Warren Jeffs. His control over the community was completely irrational and heartbreaking. Reading the book from a faithful FLDS woman was amazing. (Her devotion to her faith was altered the day she married.) Finding out truths and trying to understand the ways of her "priesthood head" were incredible to read. Carolyn showed extreme amounts of courage and patience throughout her 13+ years of marriage. When she finally fled, she was able to start fresh and raise her 8 children in a more normal environment.

It was definitely an interesting read. I knew about the FLDS religion and culture, but she describes so many experiences that were mind blowing.

The book was completely out of our comforts zones, but it was inspiring to read. And very informative. Its isn't written well, jumps around a lot and she repeats her self many times. (With good intentions. There are so many occurrences to remember.) Plus you can tell she hasn't written before and the rawness and inexperience really showcases her true persona.
I would recommend the book to anyone curious about a lifestyle different from their own. It definitely made me more aware of all the precious things around me that I usually take for granted. ***There is a movie in progress, based on this book. Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses and Grey's Anatomy) will be playing Carolyn. I anxiously await!

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Pick it up and jump out of your comfort zone like we did. Discover something new.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well I haven't blogged in awhile. Guess that means nothing in my life has been blog-worthy. Oh well. I may not have any blog-worthy events happening, but 2010 is starting off a lot better than 2009.

I hit my 1 year anniversary for managing my salon - woot woot! Its been a trying year but very rewarding. Its has been a great experience and I've truly learned a lot about myself. As of this month, I'm now competing with my payroll numbers from last year. Which is more challenging - I have incredible motivation in trying to beat my own numbers. So far, so good. I've increased over 30% in the first 2 weeks...we'll see what the rest of the month holds.

Plus I did make some resolutions this year...keeping them to myself though, but I am going strong!! Lots of emotional work and I've been keeping a journal that is helping as well.

Andee's having 2 girls, which is going to be a strain on my wallet. There are just too many cute girl clothes!!! I'm going to add this to my monthly budget! We're excited for the twin girls and helping with name ideas and decorating plans. Its going to be a fun 5 months.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a terrific new year! I'm hoping something blog-worthy happens TO ME sometime soon.