Monday, August 25, 2008

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

We are closing on the house this week. The exact date has yet to be determined. (Either Thursday or Friday) Whatever the day may be - we are moving this weekend!! I can't believe its finally here. Joe slowly started packing over a week ago...and we are still packing this week!?! I can't believe how much stuff we have. I am literally up to my knees in boxes and there are still more to come.

We've decided to pack EVERYTHING, even clothes and dishes. We are using plastic ware in the kitchen and living out of a suitcase in the bedroom & bathroom. The big moving day is Saturday and I have to work in the morning, so I'm counting on my husband, roommates and my family to move everything for me. Therefore, it all needs to be neat and organized for easy pack-up. We are piling everything up in our front 2 rooms and now we can't even walk through there very well! Plus, we still have this computer and the desk surrounding it to pack up! I think that will be Joe's project this evening, so I may not be blogging or checking my blog until the computer is set up in the new place.

I'm just so worn out; tired of boxing things up and taping everything closed. Its never ending!!! Joe and I will be keeping our apartment until the end of October, so there are some things that don't need to be moved RIGHT away. But if we have the man power and the trucks for hauling, we might as well take advantage of it. I'm just done with it?!? I can't take it anymore...all the stuff left, can we just throw it away, so I don't have to pack it?! Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked for the house and our new living situation. I just wish we were already there, living. This week just needs to be over!?!?

I'm a basket case this week guys. Looking around this room and seeing all the "miscellaneous" things that I need to find a box for, just kills me. Guess we'll see if I can make it through. Wish me luck!

BTW, Andee and Kelly started packing on Friday and were done yesterday. Do-gooders!! Do I really want to move in with people who are "too" organized & motivated. I spit at you! I'm drowning in chaos and they're kickin' back relaxin'. How have you not accumulated as much s*** as we have?!!?

Friday, August 8, 2008

R&B anyone?

I'm falling for R&B!! Holy potato I never listen to R&B, rap, hip-hop...whatever you want to call it. But as of a week ago, I can't get enough!!! Especially because I'm an insomniac that is having too much fun surfing the web at 2:30am and watching stellar dance videos and downloading i-tunes.

I'm liking Chris Brown right now, only because his music makes my hips jiggle a lil' bit!. I guess I'm going through a music-phase. I'm also listening to Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil' Mama, Ciara, Danity Kane. Oh my hell...this is strange.

However I'm embracing this phase. Its so different than what I'm used too and its driving Joe a little crazy. I even downloaded ringtones!?!?!? My i-tunes is now full of music I never cared about before.

So heres to hip-hop and shakin' that ass! I guess if it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood, who really cares if they are singing about sex, dancin', shawty's, boo's, or 'bouncin at da club'. Music is music....right? Holla!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Villa de Nelda"

Here's a story about Roland and Nelda Jensen. A house was built in 1977 and they bought it in 1979. They shared their life together in this happy home. Creating an awesome deck/patio oustide, finishing the basement and even adding a 2nd kitchen downstairs. Unfortunately as years pass and people grow older, Roland passed away, leaving Nelda to live in this 2500 sq ft home by herself. Years continue to pass and she was diagnosed with Dementia. She was moved out of this beautifuly aged home in March 2008, by her daughter Judy and was put in a nursing home to spend the rest of her days. Judy then cleaned up the place and put the house on the market. Fast forward 2 months and you have our current situation.

Joe and I are buying this old-fashioned home with my sister Andee and her husband Kelly.

This process has happend so fast, I can't even believe how busy we have been. We went "house shopping" last wednesday, July 30th, and this home was the 3rd one we saw. (It was quite an experience shopping, let me tell you - but that's a whole other blog!!) We signed a buyer/realtor agreement on Thursday, made an offer on Friday, signed a contract on Saturday, finished the loan application on Monday, had the inspection Tuesday and here it is one week later. We've reached an agreement on price, inspection suggestions and a closing date. Next up is the appraisal - and if everything goes well, we will close on this house, August 28th.

Luckily, this evening, we had the chance to meet Judy (Nelda's daughter). She shared some great memories she had in this home and some her children also share. Its awesome knowing, this wonderful women lead such an amazing life and took such good care of this home. And even in her unfortunate circumstances, she is selling her house of memories, to us.

This house is old and still has some original wall-paper, fire places, counters and light fixutres. Knowing that it was built in the '70s, you can only imagine the "passe" feeling we get walking about this magnificent home. Most of the wall-paper and decor will stay. Only because we want to keep Nelda and her flair alive. I can't wait to post pictures, so you can see what I mean!!

Thank you Nelda for giving us this great gift and choosing us as your homebuyers. We're getting a sign to put above the fireplace that will help us remember your life and be grateful for ours.

"Villa de Nelda"

P.S. Through inspection of this house we found "Roland (heart) Nelda" written in chalk on a wall in a storage closet. Too freakin' cute for words!!