Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day it turned out to be!! It was a little quiet in the morning, but I think both of my mom's enjoyed their day. My Dad & Nancy are off on a Caribbean Cruise, so we celebrated with her a week earlier. We had a picnic lunch/dinner with my mom & family at Murray Park. It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately the dark clouds and heavy winds came in during our festivities. (And of course the sun came out right after we left!!) But we withstood the cold air and still enjoyed ourselves.

Here's our set up. Chairs, blankets, table with table cloth and matching bowls and of course FOOD!

Here are more pictures from throughout the day. The kiddos found a big hill next to our picnic spot. They enjoyed running up and down - and of course rolling down!! They looked like they were having so much fun - I almost wanted to join in. Plus there was a play ground, Kelly's awesome kite flying skills and some Frisbee!

Jesse being silly!

Beautiful Lauren

Gorgeous Kelsey got her braces off!!

Garrett played Frisbee with Carl for a little bit

Caleb had fun playing on the playground

I have so many childhood memories of rolling down big hills! Somehow they always seemed steeper than they actually were!

Kalie & I - we make those sunglasses look good!!

My beautiful mom, Karla. I really hope she had a good day. She was showered with gifts and attention. What more could a woman want! Love you mom!!

And this was the highlight of the afternoon. Thanks to strong winds, a REALLY long spool of string and Kelly's patience, his kite got up about 300ft in the air!! (I don't really know, but it was high!) I circled it in red because the black speck was a little hard to see. It was awesome!! WAY TO GO KJ!

Hope all the mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! You do so much and give up so much. You really need more than one day to celebrate all you do.