Sunday, November 21, 2010


Alright, well we woke up to almost a foot of snow this morning!!! (And according to the weather, more is on the way!) I decided to take advantage of my cozy state and get pumped up for all the excitement to come!

Our backyard

First, there are few things I hate about snow.
-The cold, obviously. Always having to wear a jacket, scarves or gloves.
-The constant wet pants. I've got short legs and all my long pants get soaked at the bottoms!! I have to roll them up once I get inside so my socks don't get wet. There is just no way to avoid wet ankles!
-Plus having to scrape & defrost my car EVERY morning...that's a bummer. You have to wake up 15 minutes earlier! :(

However, there are MANY things I LOVE about the snow.
-Something about it, is so peaceful. After a snow storm, everything is so quiet. It masks every sound. Sitting out on my covered porch and silence!
-I also love how beautiful it is. Especially "untouched" snow. No footprints, slush from the roads, dog pee or mud & leaves. I love looking at freshly fallen snow. Perfect and picturesque.
-And how cozy it makes me feel. Watching it fall while sitting next to a foggy window. You can just feel the chill coming from the glass. Grabbing a cup of hot-chocolate or sipping extremely warm soup while you snuggle up in blanket or next to a loved one.
-Which brings me to fires!! Nothing better the smell of logs cooking & listening to them crackle! We have a cast-iron, free standing fire place and it literally heats up our whole basement. Again - so cozy!!!
-I love all the rosy cheeks. Going downtown to see the lights, or taking a late night stroll - everyone always has the burning, stinging, bright red cheeks! Not only is it beautiful to see on the adorable chubby cheeks of little kids, but its also complimentary on many gorgeous faces!
-and last but not least, THE HOLIDAYS! This time of year is always incredible. Many get-togethers & parties. Family time, giving, surprising, sharing, loving...its wonderful. People say this is the most depressing time of year and I really just don't understand that. Whether I'm spending time with family or giving to those in need or just spreading holiday cheer wherever you go, it couldn't be more wonderful.

As you can tell, I'm really looking forward to this time of year. I was sad when summer was drawing to a close, but to now actually have snow that won't be melting by the end of the day, I'm getting pumped for the days/holidays to come!!!

Happy Snow Day to all the Utahns!!!

Our MASSIVE tree in the front yard. Once the snow stopped coming down, it was interesting to see the weight on the branches give way. Some branches broke, while other just "shook" off the powder. Note to self: Don't stand under this tree for very long, because it will "snow" all over you!!!