Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing our milestone

I turn 30 this year. That's right, I'm hitting a big milestone! I'm lucky enough to have some great friends that are also turning this great age and we've decided to celebrate together!! Back story for a few that don't know, I graduated high school in a very small town down by St. George, called Enterprise. Its a long story as to why I didn't graduate Murray High School, but we leave that for a verbal conversation. Enterprise is a real small town; I think the population was 1500 when I lived there 12 years ago and I know its grown some since, but its still a great, little town that holds a special place in my heart. Going along with the small town description, I should let you know that my graduating class was made up of only 50 students. I remember the time when I knew all their names, knew who was friends with whom, who dated who and where they headed after graduation. However 12 years is a LONG time!! Thanks to Blogger and Facebook I've been able to keep in touch with quite a few people. Even friends who graduated after me. That's a great thing about Enterprise, everyone is friends with everyone. I love it! (Shout out to all my E-town readers & followers!!)

I had a group of really close friends Tyler, Ben, Shannon, Susan and Carson and through the years not only have we stayed friends and kept in touch, but our friendships have expanded to their spouses, siblings and more friends!! I love that even after all these years, we can still get together like no time has passed. Ben & Shannon married each other and Shannon threw a 30th birthday party for Ben back in November. Joe and I drove down just for the dinner. (A quick "leave Saturday come back Sunday" kinda trip)  We had a great time visiting at dinner, going out afterwards to 'The Office,' and it was there we came up with idea of celebrating all of our 30th birthdays together. I am the the only one that lives more than 100 miles away; (like 350 to be exact) luckily they are all pretty close and getting together for dinner isn't too inconvenient. And another joy of being self-employed, I'm able to sneak down on a Saturday to join in with no problems. The biggest issue we've found is finding a weekend convenient for the majority of the group. 

So far, we've gotten together for 3 birthdays in November, January and this past weekend in February. Again they are all real short trips for me, but definitely worth it. I've really enjoyed reconnecting, having a great time and feeling young again with my high school buddies. My birthday is up next in April - oy vay, but I'm fortunate that most of the group has offered to drive up to SLC for me!!  I don't know if it will happen for sure, its so much easier for 1 person to drive a long distance than multiple families, so we'll have to see. Joe hasn't been able to go down for the last 2 dinners, but I'm hoping he'll make the next one. We have a few more birthdays stretched out until October, Tyler and his wife Trina are coming up to SLC for a Roller Derby bout in March and then we have Carson's wedding in May; I'm really excited to see them so much this year. All the visiting and chatting is long overdue.  

I also need to give a shout out to Tyler & Trina. They have offered me their hospitality on these trips I've traveled alone. I have had many offers from all my friends, but I usually end up at T&T's house. The extra time I get to visit with Trina has actually been one of my favorite parts of these trips. Love our 'girl time' chats!!

As you can tell, I've really enjoyed seeing my friends and catching up. The trips are short, arriving just before dinner and either driving home right after dinner or early the next morning.  It really is only 3 1/2-4 hours of a drive and when you're listening to good music or reliving the good times in your head, it goes by really fast. Thanks guys for letting me celebrate with you. I'm lucky to have met some new friends, Shelley's husband Kyle and then Sue, a mutual friend of the group. This year will be FULL of great memories. Makes turning 30 actually fun and exciting!!!

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